Anita and Anthony

Where to Propose in Brooklyn, NY

How We Met

We met through a mutual friend. On our first date, we spent four hours at Angel’s Share, a bar in the East Village. We were the last couple to leave! That same year, I wrote it up as the “Best Place for a First Date” for The Village Voice. Four years later, we live together in Brooklyn with our two cats, Maserati and Cubby Bear.

How They Asked

As a native New Yorker, Anthony always had an appreciation for graffiti. There’s a treasure trove of street art we see every day all over the city.

But I never expected to step out on our balcony and see “Marry Me” painted on the basketball courts like I did the morning he proposed. I didn’t think our gorgeous view overlooking the park in Brooklyn could get any better, but they did that day.

Anita's Proposal in Brooklyn, NY

A grand romantic gesture indeed.

Our Video

Special Thanks

Jason Wong
 | Anthony's friend who helped document the roller graffiti.