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How We Met

I first met my girlfriend, (now fiancee!), Anisha, five years ago! I knew I wanted to propose to her, but I wanted to do it in a way that would show her how much she means to me so it had to be something that was completely unique and special.

how they asked

Anisha is a MASSIVE Friends fan, it’s her favourite TV show and she’s always quoting the lines from it, I think she pretty much knows every episode off by heart!I knew that this had to be the perfect way to propose, but I didn’t know how to pull it off. That’s where proposal planning company, The Proposers, came in! I’m so glad that I used them as they helped make my dream come to life and it was even better then I could have ever imagined.
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As I wanted to take Anisha for a romantic dinner at the Shard afterwards, I asked The Proposers if they could find a location close to there for the proposal to take place. And boy did they pull it off! They managed to hire the Red Cross Gardens, which is a beautiful, tranquil little park overlooking the Shard!
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On the day of the proposal I was incredibly nervous. Even though I had been working with The Proposers for the past few months and had a plan of what I needed to do, the drive to the park was still one of the most nerve-wracking things I have ever had to do.

As we arrived at the garden I was in awe of how amazing it looked. The Proposers had decorated it beautifully with fairy lights, lanterns and of course a sofa and lamp, like the ones in the opening credits of the show.

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After we sat down on the sofa and took in our surroundings, five West End singers that The Proposers had hired to sing ‘I’ll be there for you,’ came out of hiding one by one and began to serenade us. Anisha shed a few tears and that’s when I knew I’d done my job right as I managed to get her to cry “happy tears”.

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Even though we were surrounded by the singers serenading us, in that moment I felt like it was just us two and even though I thought that it would feel weird telling her why I loved her and why I wanted to marry her, in that moment the words came to me naturally to me. I got down on one knee and asked her those four amazing, but scary words, ‘Will You Marry Me.’ I can’t even explain the happiness, (and relief!) when she said yes!

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As cheesy as it sounds, seeing her smiling the whole way through my speech made 5 years of waiting to ask her to be my wife suddenly became worth it!

After the proposal we went for our meal at the Shard where our table was overlooking the stunning sights of London. However, Anisha only had eyes for one thing, her shiny new engagement ring! I honestly think I could’ve walked away from the table and she wouldn’t have realised!!

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After dinner we went to meet some of our closest friends for a few drinks and Anisha spent the entire night telling me how overwhelmed and happy she felt. Like she was in her fantasy, but it was actually happening! I’m just happy that she liked it and now she has the wonderful memory for the rest of her life!

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