Ania and Michael

How We Met

We met on eHarmony (success story!). After about a month of texting we finally met at a pub on a Monday night in Chestermere called the Landing. I didn’t think he liked me at first, because he asked for the bill when I ordered my second drink. After I chugged my drink, we left the bar and he offered to drive me to my car, which was only 30 feet away. When I got out of his vehicle he said “I’ll come give you a hug so no one steals you away”. 10 minutes after I left I got a text from him asking me when he could see me again. I smiled the entire drive home, and haven’t stopped smiling since.

how they asked

We were visiting my best friend and her husband in Victoria for New Year’s Eve. His two best friends came along so it was a good party. After dinner I was suddenly hit with an unfortunate side effect of the sea food, and had to find a washroom STAT. Thankfully for this, the remainder of the evening I only drank water. I would have hated if I was drunk and he popped the question! We decided to head to a pub close to my friends house, which turned out to be the cutest little Christmas pub full of the cheesiest decorations. Closer to midnight, Michael came and joined me on the dance floor. At midnight, we kissed and as I hugged him he said (not asked) “marry me, Ania” I pulled away and in his hand was the ring. We both started crying and just stood there hugging and kissing for a few minutes. It was perfect.

Image 1 of Ania and Michael