Ani and Mihrdat

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How We Met

Mihrdat and I met online via Facebook. It was March of 2011, and I had decided to run the LA Marathon. Mihrdat was really into fitness and as I was posting my photos he messaged me. He was in awe that I had ran the marathon as it was something he always wanted to do. We started talking and in April he asked me out on a first date for my birthday. I remember us parking and he walked around to the passenger door, opened it, held out his hand and said, “are you ready for this?” I said yes and hand in hand we walked over to the restaurant and had the most amazing first date. That day was the start of our relationship and since then we have continued to cross milestones hand in hand. The following year in 2012, hand in hand we crossed the finish line at the LA Marathon. A few years later, hand in hand we crossed across the stage obtaining our Bachelor’s degree both in Public Health. Now, I can’t wait to walk down the aisle, hand in hand into the rest of our lives.

how they asked

It was Mihrdat and my 5 year Anniversary and we decided to take a trip to New Orleans, Louisiana. It was on April 8, 2016 when we ventured to the most scenic place I had ever seen with a beautiful pathway of Oak trees. A friend of ours has a go pro and professional camera so it wasn’t foreign to me that he was snapping away at us. As we were walking along the path, our friend asked us to stand by one of the trees to make sure the lighting was good.

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I am hugging Mihrdat and I feel his heart beating really fast, but just thought it was due to the humid weather! After we hugged and took a picture he took a step back and went down on one knee.

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I literally couldn’t believe it and took me a few seconds to realize what was happening. My hands immediately went to my face as tears went down my face. All I kept thinking was I can’t wait to say YES!

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Now, New Orleans holds such a special place in our hearts and that trip was the start of our beautiful journey.

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