Ani and Arthur

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How They Asked

My fiancé and I have been friends for 11 years we’ve been dating for the past two. Arthur my fiancé knew that he wanted to propose to me some time ago however, I did not. During our vacation to Cabo San Lucas he decided he would take the next step he had the ring designed, and he was ready. I had mentioned to Arthur that I don’t like beach proposals, people always seem to get them wrong and it becomes cheesy. Upon arrival there was a mix up with our hotel, and unfortunately we did not staying at the hotel we had originally booked This was sort of in the cards in order to make this grand purposeful happen. On our first day our friends & family who were on the trip with us kept apologising for the hotel mix up I did not mind at all. Honestly I was annoyed that everyone kept mentioning it – I was just happy to begin my week in Cabo!

This was my first time in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico! I became irritated with Arthur and asked that he not mention it again, I was appreciative of the experience and that was it. I was under the impression that we were in an argument, and that he was angry that I was frustrated with the hotel situation. We went back to her hotel and took a nap, we woke up and I thought that we were late for dinner because his family had said to be at the hotel at 7:30 for dinner reservations. Upon our arrival we walked to the outside area of the hotel and stopped at some steps where I saw a lovely beach-side dinner arrangement.

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Not for a second did it cross my mind that this was for us, I did not even envision that that dinner was for someone close to us. I was under the impression that he was angry at me. Within a few minutes a Mariachi band began to walk in front of us all of the hotel guests were staring at us, I began to feel uneasy and realize that this was for us, and began to ask my boyfriend what is going on. Arthur looked at me and he said that he loves me, he said many things that I do not recall, and he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I said, “YES, of course I’ll marry you”, still not realizing that the dinner was for us!

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Arthur knew how much I love Mariachi music, Latin culture, and this vacation was the perfect excuse for him to pop the question.

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