Angie and Wolfgang

Image 8 of Angie and Wolfgang

How We Met

We met when Wolfie was studying abroad in Long Beach for his Master’s degree at Cal State Long Beach. I had also just returned from studying abroad in Berlin, Germany. We immediately hit it off when I tried to practice my very limited German.

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How They Asked

We hadn’t seen each other since January because Wolfgang is currently living in Germany to finish his Ph.D., and I live in California. We have been doing long distance for the last 6 years, but due to covid, this was the longest time we’d ever gone without seeing each other. In August, Germany finally announced they would allow long-term couples to visit each other. Wolfie had to formally invite me to visit him in Germany and after the paperwork was complete, we finally booked my flight!

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After I tested negative for covid, we decided to do a small road trip through Switzerland and some parts of Italy to enjoy the last few weeks of summer. One night in the Italian Riviera of Cinque Terre, he suggested we enjoy a bottle of wine on our balcony.

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We took a couple of pictures in the sunset while listening to Lana De Rey. After taking a couple of pictures, I tried to sit down but he insisted that we stand up. Before I knew it, he went down on one knee and proposed. He told me the last 8 months were the most difficult and that he never wanted to experience that again and asked me to marry him. By far, the happiest day of my life, at least until I marry him!

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