Angie and Steve

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How We Met

Steve and I met during a fun night out in Pittsburgh around Christmas time. He was part of a group that were friends with my neighbor and I. The crew was having such a great time that we closed down the bar. Everyone still wanted to hang out after, so we moved the party back to my house. Earlier in that day, I had been decorating for holiday and left the decorations out. As the house party part wound down, Steve and I ended up decorating my a Christmas tree together.

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how they asked

Fast forward a year, and we had talked about spending our first anniversary as a recreation of our first date and have it become a tradition where we decorate our Christmas tree on Saturday night of Light Up night weekend. The weather didn’t cooperate though. It was bitter cold and rainy. Steve was still game to get a real tree from a Christmas tree farm, but I didn’t want a tree dripping water on my hardwood floor. Little did I know, this meant Steve needed to come up with a new way to propose.

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Our 1 year anniversary was on a Monday. I worked from home that day and he had flowers delivered to the house. We had been out Friday and Saturday the weekend before so we decided on a low key night. I had made dinner then went to the gym while Steve stayed home and played some video games (or so I thought). The usual Monday events…

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I came home, showered and decided to iron some of his dress clothes. It was probably around 9pm, so I was ready for bed in an oversized t-shirt and mismatched sweatpants shorts. My hair was down and wet. Steve was no better. His beard was looking crazy, growing every which way and he desperately needed a haircut.

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Steve yelled downstairs that he wanted me to come watch a movie he made. I was skeptical of his “movie-making” skills, so I had to check it out. He streamed it to the TV. After the 20th Century Fox opener, which I’m sure is a violation of some law, the movie started and was a collection of still photos of us throughout our first year of dating. He had put it to Broken Road by Rascall Flatts. When the slideshow was complete, it turned into words, only a few to a screen, where he asked me to marry him. It was nothing elaborate, but in true to who we are. We were at home and relaxed… and of course, I said YES!

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