Angie and Simon

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how we met

Simon and I met playing flag football for CCSC in February 2019. He caught my eye being a tall, athletic, Asian and most likely Christian man as he was at a church football practice. (Later he told me that it was basically interest at first sight for him as well.) We were introduced to each other through a girl who went to his church and beefiest said our hellos. It was later that week that I began to talk to my friend Chloe about Simon who she happened to know from when they were younger, and she set us up by giving him my number and me his. After a day of waiting I figured that I was a strong independent woman that had nothing to lose, and texted him first! He responded by saying he had been waiting for the weekend to text me so he would be more responsive as he wouldn’t be at work. I gave him a hard time about it and he worked very hard to make up for the fact that I had made the first move :) Although I may have texted him first, he worked hard to pursue me as we began to get to know each other.

How They Asked

Simon and I had been dating for some time and talked about our timeline. We planned to get married in the fall of 2020 and I was lead to believe that he would be proposing before our first anniversary in April. I made it very clear to him that I wanted a February proposal as I didn’t favor the month of March and January seemed too soon. As February came around I eagerly waited, but soon found most of my weekends filling up quickly with other events (I’m an event planner @belovedeventsco). As Simon made no effort to make plans with me all month, I became frustrated and began to lose all hope of a February proposal.

The only weekend evening that I was free was the last weekend of February, but Simon sprung it on me that he had decided to go to his church’s retreat. I was super frustrated but couldn’t tell him not to go as it was church. My best friend Hana had planned a girls day date with my sister Rachel and I for the afternoon of that Saturday. Knowing she would be one of my maids of honor she told me, “I have some bridal shower venues that I want to take you to go see.” I told her I hadn’t even gotten engaged and it was too soon, but she insisted it would be fun and we could dress up to take pictures and eat yummy snacks! Being in the sad mood that I was that I wouldn’t be getting engaged in February I figured why not? I could used a mood boost and have a nice date with my two best friends.

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Friday night (the 28th) Simon dropped by my house to say goodbye before heading off the retreat. I had secretly been hopeful that he was lying to me about retreat, but that morning I saw through IG his church members preparing for it by buying snacks from Costco and knew it was happening. Then I told my self, “maybe he’s not really going.” But the next morning (Saturday February 29th, the last day of February) I saw on IG a guy wearing a hoodie and eating breakfast at the table. “That’s totally Simon” I thought. But then I thought, “Maybe he’ll come back early from retreat”. And then remembered that he had told me specifically that he wanted his pastor to be at the engagement party. I knew his pastor wouldn’t leave their church retreat to attend a party… this was when I knew for sure that I wasn’t getting engaged this month and lost all hope.

On Saturday morning I had a client meeting and then had lunch with my family. Soon after lunch I rushed to get ready for my plans with Hana and Rachel. I asked my sister what she thought of the navy blue jumpsuit I was about to wear, and she said she didn’t like it and told me to wear a different white dress she had given me for Christmas. I didn’t think anything of it and changed. We proceeded to a cute wine and cheese bar in Fullerton as the first “optional venue”. We ate, talked and laughed. Hana makes videos of her day so I didn’t find it weird that she was filming our little hang out. Then we drove to the next venue which was the fullerton arboretum. I had never been there before but Hana said that they had an event hall that we could rent. I followed Hana’s lead and my sister was walking behind me. As we were walking by the flowers I noticed Rachel had started filming behind me, but as I started to grow suspicious I turned a corner and Simon was there! Just standing right in front of me under this beautiful arbor. I was so shocked and asked him what he was doing there. We hugged and he held my hands, and after apologizing for making me wait so long, got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! Of course I SAID YES!!

My future brother-in-law Steve was there to take pictures of the moment, and Simon had been planning with Hana and Rachel for over a month! I told Simon that he was lucky that God gave him an extra day in February this year :) it was the most perfect proposal ever.

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Special Thanks

Hana Song
 | Planning
Rachel Lee
 | Planning
Steve Lee
 | Photographer