Angie and Nick

How We Met

For a year straight a close friend of mine and my soon to be sister-in law persistently tried to set up Nick and I together. I was very hesitant and so was he so we both brushed off the subject each time they brought the topic up. Flash forward one year later, we met each other at a mutual friends birthday party. I recognised him instantly from the pictures they showed me of him. I sat down beside him and we made small talk. I was too shy so I had one of my good friends sit in between us to keep the conversation going in case it got awkward haha! Now flash forward 2 months later!

The same close friend and to be sister in-law told me to add him on Facebook to get things rolling. I once again was very hesitant so I put it off. Thinking I had nothing to loose, I just went for it and sent him a friend request. I was surprised to have had him message me a week and a half later asking to meet at a local coffee shop! He had asked to meet for coffee that evening and told me to bring a friend. It was such short notice so most of my friends were either busy or working late. Not to mention, I had a terrible cold, was very congested and could hardly speak(yikes!).

I was so close to cancelling! Lucky for me, my best friend was driving home from work when I called her. I told her I’d explain everything in the car and she agreed to come with me to meet this guy! Although it was a group setting, Nick and I instantly clicked and left the group conversation. He was so easy to talk to, sweet and he laughed at all of my sarcastic comments(nobody ever finds me funny!) That night we exchanged contact information and I guess the rest is just history.

how they asked

When Nick and I first started dating, we shared a lot of common interests and goals together. Everything from goals we had made for the year to places we want to travel to. We both love the city so we made a list of all the cities we want to travel to together. It just so happens to be that New York City was at the top of the list(I know, I know out of all the cities in the world) A couple months before the proposal, Nick started looking at venues and planning out details. While I was out of town, Nick came over to my parents home to reveal his plan. He told my mom and sister first and then took my dad out separately for lunch where he would ask him for my hand in marriage.

My parents gave Nick their blessing and agreed to fly out for the proposal. Any guesses where we’re going? A few days before the proposal, Nick surprised me in the morning with coffee and two airline tickets! He told me this is your birthday present, your family is flying out tonight, we leave tomorrow for NYC! I was ecstatic and so overwhelmed! Talk about BEST BOYFRIEND EVER! We flew out from SEA to NYC that following morning, little did I know I would come back home as an engaged women. We flew in late in the evening so we only had time to enjoy Times Square. The following day, (my birthday) we went out for breakfast together, explored Manhattan and then we went our separate ways to get ready for the evening.

Nick told me he had special dinner plans reserved for my birthday so I needed to be ready by 6:30pm. He acted like himself all day long, I did not have any speculations until he came to pick me up from my room. He arrived very nervous and anxious and he remained that way the whole cab ride to the proposal site. When we arrived, he told me to wait in the main lobby while he went to check if our “table” was ready. I waited for a good thirty minutes which gave me plenty of time to overthink and make assumptions of what was going to happen next. At that one point I had suspected that he was going to propose but I couldn’t really come to terms with it.

He came downstairs to check up on me and then said he needed to use the “restroom”. Really he went back upstairs to check how the set up was going. His good friend Slavic who is a photographer flew in to photograph the proposal. My parents, sister, and Nick’s best friends(who flew in that day) were up on the rooftop setting up candles and lighting. He came back down for me one last time, I asked him where the restroom was and he couldn’t tell me where it was. At this point I knew something was up. In the elevator he blind folded me and told me I couldn’t open my eyes until he told me to open them.

Image 1 of Angie and Nick

We got off the elevator onto the rooftop, he walked me through a small passage where there was a heart surrounded by tons of small candles.

Image 2 of Angie and Nick

Image 3 of Angie and Nick

We stood in the center of that heart as he pulled out a small scrap of paper and read a short poem he had wrote himself. I could hear giggles in the back and the photographer’s camera so that was all I could focus on.At the end of the poem he read “Angie my love, open your eyes”.

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Image 5 of Angie and Nick

As I opened my eyes I saw him get on one knee, asking me to be his for the rest of our lives.

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Of course I said yes! He slipped a pretty rose gold ring onto my ring finger and embraced me.

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Although we had dated only 6 months prior to the proposal, I have never felt so confident in the decision I’ve made to commit myself to this man.

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This man is my lover, man of my dreams, my best friend and my soon to be husband. I can’t imagine spending the rest of my life with anyone else. I will forever be grateful to his sister in law and friend Mariya who successfully brought us together.

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