Angie and Jordan

Image 1 of Angie and JordanHow we met: We met summer of 2013 in Institute Council at Salt Lake Community College, He was one of the advisers and I was his co-chair. We became really good friends from the start! We would hang out quite frequently and would talk each other’s ears off about life’s silly moments, our dates and love lives while sitting in the massage chairs in Beth Bath & Beyond.

Hang outs quickly became dates, dates later turned into spending every day together, and a lot of time with each other’s families.

Then 8 months later, Jordan took me to one of my favorite places and asked me to be his forever, and I said YES!

how they asked:I have always wanted to go ice fishing. So in one of my days off , he told me to be ready because we were finally going to check ice fishing off my bucket list. But he told me that we had to do a quick stop else where and that we needed to dress up a bit more. We stopped by the Bountiful LDS Temple because according to him “The place was not open yet” while up there he asked me why I wanted to be with him and to give say the reasons why I loved him. So I did! He hugged me, we walked around for a little, then got back in the car and drove to an small little airport near by. When we parked he began to play the song “Come Fly with me” by Frank Sinatra, and He said “Lets see if they are open!” . At this point I was still clueless, and thought that he was just surprising me with a cute date to the airport, so I knew we definitely weren’t going Ice Fishing. His neighbor was there and asked me about airplanes and my fascination over these mechanical birds i love so much, and after chatting for a sec, his neighbor asked me if I wanted to fly one. I immediately looked at Jordan with happily shock! Jordan nodded and said “Surprise we are not going ice fishing! we are flying planes today!” I literally felt like a kid on Christmas day! ready to get on that plane and co-pilot it!!! We flew from Bountiful, through Salt Lake City all the way to Draper and back, and it was amazing! Literally Cloud 9 you guys!! When we landed, I was so focused on this great little date that I didnt even see what was waiting for me right out side…

Jordan got my door and asked me if I had enjoyed flying the plane. ”Of course i did!” –

when we walked to the other side of the plane I saw Jordan’s best friend, all dressed up in a tux and bow tie, and I asked Jordan if Tucker (his best friend) had just gotten back from some masquerade or if I was supposed to dress up more?

Tucker then unrolled a red carpet right in front of me and said “Nothing like a red carpet when landing from a plane eh? ”

and still, naive me… thought that it had to do with the Oscar Awards that had just happened on TV a couple of days before…

Tucker then stepped outside and I saw Jordan’s Dad with a camera, and as I tried to wrap my head around it Jordan got my attention took my by the hand through the red carpet and started telling me how much he loved me and how he wanted to be with me forever.

Image 2 of Angie and Jordan

In that moment I stopped walking and it finally CLICKED! he was proposing! He wasn’t nervous because of the plane or because he didn’t liked heights! HE WAS PROPOSING!! I looked towards the end of the red carpet and there was a cute little bench with a HUGE bouquet of roses, then I looked back at Jordan and he dropped down on one knee and asked me if I would be his forever!!

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In that moment everything that I already felt for him became even stronger, and I knew that it was going to be one of the easiest questions I would ever answer! I remember reaching out to kiss him, but I guess I had not answered yet because after I kissed him he looked at me and said “So.. is that a yes?” followed by a bit of a nervous laugh. So of course I got all emotional and replied “Of course! Yes, YES!!” and hugged him as hard as I could. After that Jordan’s Family pulled a sign that said “We say yes too!”

Image 7 of Angie and Jordan

I went up to them and hugged them and thanked them, after that my mom and dad showed up and congratulated us. We all chatted for a moment and both my mom and my now mother in law got on the plane and went for a ride! – When we all said bye, Jordan took me to one of my favorite restaurants “Cheesecake Factory” (not to mention I was born on National Cheesecake Day)

We spent the night dinning and laughing about my naiveness and how nervous he was. It was literally the best surprise of my life!

Image 9 of Angie and Jordan