Angie and Joel

How We Met

It was 2009 when Joel and I met, I had just turned 18 and my best friends dad agreed to hire me at the grocery store he managed under one condition, I wasn’t allowed to date any of the boys! Joel still remembers the very moment he saw me, walking toward him on my first day (he can even recall my outfit to a T including the brands of pants and shoes I had on!). It was shortly after that he told one of the managers he would date me one day. It wasn’t until October of 2010 that we started dating, to this day I’m thankful beyond words that he never gave up on me! For about 6 months we got to know each other better and he decided to make it official on April 28, 2011. I never in a million years thought I would find someone as amazing as Joel. Even when the world around us seems to be crashing down one thing that always makes sense is him and the crazy amount of love I have for him! He is the most selfless person, he is my best friend and above all the love of my life! I’m thankful for him every single day.

Image 1 of Angie and Joel

Image 2 of Angie and Joel

how they asked

Last year after losing Joel’s dad unexpectedly we booked a trip to Hawaii to take our minds off everything. Naturally we fell in love and booked another trip for our birthdays this year (they’re only 4 days apart so it’s perfect!). I paid extra to have an ocean front room so we were able to watch the sunsets from our room. Every night Joel would talk about the sunsets and tell me this one isn’t that good it’ll be better on this night, I just thought okay cool I love beautiful sunsets!

It was October 7th, we had an amazing start to our day, we went to the farmers market and tried a bunch of tropical fruits, rented a kayak and kayaked around the lagoon and laid out a bit in the sun! After dinner we went back up to our room to get ready for the sunset. The sky was so clear we were even able to see Maui from our balcony! Once the sun began to go down Joel went inside for a while, I was so into the sunset that it didn’t phase me what so ever. He walked back out and told me he loved me, I told him I loved him more, then he tapped me on the back and when I turned around he was down on one knee with a ring in his hand asking me to marry him! I literally cried so loud the people 6 floors down could probably hear me (haha) but somehow I was able to say YES!! I couldn’t even believe that my dreams had come true and I was finally going to marry my best friend! Immediately I called my mom, I don’t think I said more than 10 words I just cried the entire time thankfully Joel asked for my dads permission so they both already knew :) I’m so beyond excited for the new adventure and to finally become husband and wife!! We plan to keep our same anniversary to we’ll be counting down the days until April 28, 2017 to start our happily ever after!

Image 3 of Angie and Joel