Angie and Axel

How We Met

December 2014, I moved from New Jersey to Orlando FL for work. I ended up working for one of the largest privately owned resorts in Orlando. It was my second week on the sales floor and I was standing looking very confused waiting for my manager who was taking longer than I anticipated. Here comes a gentleman asking me if I needed help .. he told me he was a manager. I said yes, ever since then he asked me if I’d like training and I said I’d love that as I was very confused. Since then he became my manger. He bought me Starbucks every morning but I had no interest. A year and a half later I quit to move back to NJ and he asked to take me to lunch. I agreed so he picked me up after work and drove to the airport he ended up taking me to Puerto Rico for dinner to have dinner on the beach and come back the same night.

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how they asked

We went to Italy for a 2 week trip September 2017. Started in Rome then went to Venice. The morning of There was a knock on my door and an employee delivering a dozen red roses and two envelopes. The first envelope I opened said “ I have planned a fantastic adventure for us today we have a great sites to see and wonderful food taste in sure to wear your walking shoes for the first part of our adventure. The attached package has instructions”. The second envelope was step-by-step instructions that took us to st Mark square, museums, churches and other attractions in Venice. No. 6 asked me to go back to where the adventure begin to get ready do my hair and make up. We then went to dinner at a place that had truffle (my obsession).

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Engagement Proposal Ideas in Venice, Italy


He then gave me a crossword puzzle to fill out that would take us to our final destination. I filled it out and our final stop was a gondola ride around the grand canal, as we were going around the canal and a gondolier singer on our boat started singing to us he pulled out the ring and asked me to be his wife! Not knowing he had hired a photographer to capture our moment!

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