Angie and Alex

how we met

We met through my maid of honor! I (Angie) was living in Kentucky at the time and he (Alex) was living in Tennessee. I came to town for a football game and he caught my eye. He was actually supposed to come to the game with me and my friend but already had tickets. But that night after the game, we all went back to my friends apartment to play games. We could not stop talking to each other! I had to leave to go home to Kentucky but we continued to talk over the phone every day. Then began the long distance!

how they asked

TOTAL SURPRISE! It was New Years Day, and he had told me we were going to dinner with some friends about an hour away. So we’re driving out there and I can tell he’s nervous but didn’t think much of it, he likes to say he played it off cool. But then we arrive to this beautiful inn on the Tennessee River… but not cars are there. He had some of our friends arrange to call him and say they were running late so we should go walk around the property. As we’re walking down to the river, I can feel his hands sweating. And then he got down on his knee at sunset and asked me to marry him. I couldn’t hold the word YES back!

Special Thanks

Erin Hannum Photography
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Downtown Detroit
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