Anggi and Michael

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How We Met

Despite attending the same high school over a decade ago, we ran in different circles and did not cross paths until 2015. I had returned to Canberra after studying in Sydney for two years. I was at a very low point in my life where I wasn’t doing well with my studies, had ended a relationship, and lost touch with old friends.

After settling back in and joining new friendship circles, we officially acknowledged each other’s presence at the Australian National University library while swiping through Tinder together. Since we had a lot of mutual friends, we would often be at the same gatherings and study spots.

Eventually, we were both invited to go on a coast trip with a big group of friends to Merimbula. I knew everyone there well but Michael, so naturally I gravitated towards him. This very quickly escalated to me following him EVERYWHERE and attempting to flirt (which consisted of showing him memes until 4 am). Six years later I am still making him look at random memes.

How They Asked

Within one week Michael was able to coordinate twenty of our friends and family to carry out the proposal. I was easily conned into dressing up for a formal photoshoot for an upcoming dance gig after we had just performed at a local festival (which makes no sense, but I didn’t question it). We had arranged to have brunch, get our nails done, perform, wear dresses then go to a park to take photos. It started as a horrible day with the nail appointment falling through and festival organizers treating my friends and me poorly.

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My parents had been pestering me for the last few days to pick up an important package at Hyatt Hotel from a colleague of the family at 7 pm sharp. It was extremely convenient that the park was near the hotel and I asked my friends to drop me off so I could pick up the package and go home. There didn’t seem to be a package waiting for me at the front desk, so I was told to go to a stranger’s room.

To my surprise, Michael opened the door to a huge suite covered in rose petals with the words MARRY ME across the floor of the room. Before he could even speak I was crying but managed to compose myself and listen to the proposal and accept the ring.

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On cue, all of our friends and family jumped out to congratulate us, along with a laptop live streaming the proposal on Zoom for more friends and family who were interstate and overseas.

Although everything didn’t go according to plan, the element of chaos and hype made the proposal even better.

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