Angelli and Christopher

How we met

Chris and I found one another four summers ago. I was helping a friend set up her engagement party for the following weekend. At that time she was a member of the Air Force and she had mentioned a friend of hers she served with was attending the party. We were both single at the time and she thought we would really hit it off. She set up a mini-golf outing the night before the engagement party and we all planned to meet at her house. The afternoon before we met, I went to the beach with my friend and her now husband and lost track of time. By the time we got back I barely had enough time to shower before Chris arrived. I was in a panic and was sure that he would notice the fact that my hair was still wet and I was wearing minimal makeup. When I walked down the stairs into my friends kitchen, still frazzled from the short amount of time I had to get ready; Chris walked into the house. We both locked eyes and at that moment it seemed like time stood still. I know it sounds cheesy but we both remember that moment and agree that it was as if we were alone in the room. Chris could barely get out the word “Hello”. He says it was because he felt like he forgot how to speak. At that time, I thought it was because he noticed my soaking wet hair and bare face! The car ride to the Point Pleasant Boardwalk was a mix of trying to make conversation and awkward eye contact. It was as if everything I learned about how to talk to guys was just completely erased from my brain. When we arrived at the boardwalk to play mini golf, Chris suggested that we make the game a competition. The loser of the game would buy the rest of the group ice cream. The friendly competition helped break the ice and before we knew it we were laughing and joking like we’ve known each other for years. Sure enough, I was the loser and had to buy everyone ice cream the first night we met. As we walked along the boardwalk after we got our ice cream, Chris and I walked ahead of the group and had the best conversation I have ever had with anyone. I knew from that moment that he was the man I was going to marry. Before we left the boardwalk he asked if I would like to go on a date; just the two of us, later in the week. Of course, I agreed. When we got back to my friends house, Chris walked me to my car. He loved the movie Hitched and remembered a hint that Alex Hitch told Albert about how to figure out if a girl would like a good night kiss. Hitch said that if a girl jingles her keys and is standing by her door, it means she is looking for a goodnight kiss. I happened to jingle my keys when getting them out of my purse and Chris kissed me. It was a kiss that was picture perfect. It was the perfect summer night with stars in the sky. We parted ways until the engagement party the next day and from then on, we became inseparable!

how they asked

Murphy’s Law states, “Anything that can go wrong, will.” Never has this been truer than the day I asked Angelli to marry me. Like many men I researched a million different ways to ask her, Hot Air Balloons, messages from the top of a lighthouse, helicopter rides, attached to puppies, I looked at every idea. In early July I went to the jewelers to select a ring for my future wife. My mother passed away years ago and left me her engagement ring for me to use for when I get married. I decided to use the her stone in a modern setting, the jeweler assured me it could be done and ready in a matter of weeks. As time went on, times I planned to do it came and went as I did not have a ring! Finally in early October I got a phone call saying the ring was in, I rushed over to get it.

Finally ring in hand I was ready to ask the woman of my dreams the big question. That weekend I planned an elaborate trip to Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton Township, NJ. I researched everything about the place and picked the Monet Bridge as the spot to do it. The whole day I had told Angelli that I am going to tell her 25 things that I love about her, by the time we arrived I was on 18, thinking that I only had a short time to finish the list. After walking for a bit we came upon the Monet Bridge and to my horror I found that a storm earlier that week had dropped a tree on one side of it and the whole area was swarmed with kids on a school trip. The romantic image I had in my head was as splintered as the tree next to us. I played off my terror and we kept walking through the area before leaving and going to Cheesecake Factory for lunch. I frantically scrambled for ideas of places to go on my phone all during lunch which caused Angelli to get very upset with me thinking that I was ignoring her. We drove around Princeton for a while I tried to think of a back up plan. The leaves in that area had begun to change and as fall is Angelli’s favorite season, I pulled over and picked Angelli a big maple leaf as an apology for me ignoring her through lunch. I had finally decided that we would go to Cape May, but it was two hours away and would be dark by the time we arrived. Then it hit me, Allaire State Park, a place that is very special to each of us. We had a couple photoshoot there years prior and we absolutely loved the area. Once we got there we found that there was a wedding going on, I thought, “Oh come on, what are the odds of that”.

So I said lets go for a walk through the woods, as we were walking I was rehearsing what I was going to say to her. I felt like I was a kid in high school working up the courage to ask a girl out on a date, I was so nervous I could hardly breathe. I stopped and told her I had to ask her something and as soon as my knee hit the ground I brain dumped my entire speech. I could only ask if she would be mine forever; grabbing her right hand, through tears she said, “Wrong hand!” I quickly grabbed the other and said, “So thats a yes?” She nodded enthusiastically. It was the greatest feeling in the world, knowing that I was marrying my best friend. We walked out of the woods as the happiest couple in the world!

Special Thanks

Meghan Leigh Photography
 | photographer