Angelique and Baxter

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How We Met

It’s been 9 years since we met back in 2007! I was a freshman at Bishop Stang High School and Baxter was a sophomore there as well. We met through a mutual friend- Corey Deschene. My family was good friends with the Deschene’s and we decided to go to their house for a visit. When I got there, Corey and all his friends were over, including Baxter. I was friends with Corey’s older sister, Katie, and she always told me about how wonderful Baxter was and that I should try and date him. All of Corey’s friends were teasing that we should date. I thought to myself, Baxter?! He’s a year older and would never want to date a freshman. BUT I was wrong… haha! We ended up going on a double date with Corey, and seeing a movie. We hung out as often as we could after. And don’t forget those long nights talking on AIM when that was a thing. Finally after a month of “talking,” Baxter asked me out on February 3rd 2007. We have been together ever since! We have been through it all- 2 Proms, 2 High School Graduations, Being away while at college- 2 and a half hours a part- Baxter went to Sacred Heart University in Connecticut, and I went to MCPHS University in Boston (I’m still there finishing my last year of PA school- graduating May 2016!!), and now starting our real life. Baxter is a police officer at BCC and owns his own landscaping business as well. I am on my clinical rotations traveling all over Massachusetts. We got engaged on May 8th, 2015!! Planning our Wedding for June 23, 2017! We are beyond excited for this new chapter in our lives!

how they asked

Baxter and I decided to spend the whole day together on Friday, May 8th because I was starting my rotations on the following Monday and didn’t know what my schedule would be like. I thought nothing of this because we had said we would celebrate this new and exciting part of my life. We ended up hanging out at my house for a majority of the day, doing things like washing our cars, working on some paperwork for my upcoming rotations, and just hanging out watching tv. Baxter told me to get ready because he wanted to take a walk on the beach and then go out for a nice dinner as one last hoorah. It was a gorgeous day that day, so I thought to myself that is a great idea! We both love the beach and it would be nice to walk it around sunset and then go out and eat. We ended up going to look for houses first, because Baxter wanted to buy a house (which he now owns one!!) Again, thought nothing of this- we had been looking around for a little while. We finally got to the beach and it was a little foggy, and Baxter was a bit upset. I kept saying to him, relax it will still be nice. I was secretly thinking- oh man this fogginess is going to ruin my hair for dinner, but I decided to go anyway. We started walking the beach slowly and I still had no clue. There was a few people on the beach but not many. In the distance, I could see some people. Baxter told me, that we should go walk near them. When we did, I saw a lit up arrow pointing towards behind a big rock. I turned my head to see what was ahead and I saw a picture of the two of us on the rock. Then, I noticed a photographer was taking our picture continuously. I immediately started crying and Baxter said “This is all for you. I love you. Now let me do this right.” He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. The photographer still clicking away! It the most amazing day of my life. We popped a bottle of champagne and took more pictures. When we finally left the beach, I was in shock still, but was told we were going to dinner. We decided to enjoy our night together and tell everyone after we ate. When we got to the restaurant, and walked in our whole family was there. The whole restaurant was yelling congratulations. It was amazing!! More tears ran down my face! I couldn’t believe that my dream proposal was happening.

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This was the exact proposal I had imagined my entire life! Oh and the ring is PERFECT!!! My dream ring as well!!! I am the luckiest girl in the world!

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