Angeline and Ryan

Angeline's Proposal in At Ryan's parents' house

How We Met

I met Ryan the first week of my freshman year at Walsh University in 2012. Being a Catholic Institution, there was mass during the opening weekend before classes started. I went to mass with a friend that I knew from high school, and he happened to be sitting in the row directly behind me. Ryan is such an extroverted kind of guy and doesn’t care who knows it (while I am completely opposite of that), so of course he was singing the hymns so loudly and awfully, that I couldn’t help but wonder who the heck he was! He introduced himself to me, and then I didn’t see him again until two days later. Just for a little back story, I grew up playing the violin, and in high school I played in a local symphony. I was interested in playing for the music ministry for the church at Walsh, so I went to find the director of this program. I went to the campus minister by mistake (it turns out the music director and campus minister are twins!). Ryan happened to be talking to the campus minister when I went to ask him about the music program. There also happened to be a ping pong table there, and the campus minister, being the boisterous, fun-loving kind of person he is, invited us to all play ping pong together. Ryan and I were on the same team, and we just clicked instantly. I laughed at his corny jokes and he learned how terrible I am at ping pong.The next day I was playing violin at the opening day mass, and he was an usher. He asked me to lunch after mass before our next classes, and I eagerly agreed! He ended up taking me on our first date at a little mom ‘n’ pop joint across the street. I was so nervous I could barely eat! We really hit it off, and learned about one another’s lives, and just laughed and had such a great time. We talked and texted nonstop from then on.The following weekend, he invited me to go to the County Fair. I went to his parent’s house to meet him, and ended up meeting his parents (and also his two kitties). Later on, Ryan told me I was the first girl he had brought home in such a long time, and that his parents had told him he wasn’t to bring a girl home unless he thought it was serious. We weren’t even officially dating at the time he had me meet them, but apparently he knew this was long-term! Our date at the fair was magical, and was such a memorable night. We both decided that night that we wanted to give this thing a chance, and made it official! Although the time between us meeting and actually starting to date was a very short time, I just knew there was something special about him, and I was right.

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how they asked

Where do I begin? This was a story in the making. Let’s start out in January of 2016. Ryan’s grandmother had been sick for quite some time, and it finally took a toll on her during this month. She was a beautiful soul, and she joked around to her last breath. I had grown very close to Ryan’s family and his grandparents, so I helped take care of her as much as I could as her health declined. A few months after she passed, Ryan’s grandfather gave him her engagement ring, and told him to give it to me when the time was right. In December, Ryan decided he was going to take the diamonds from her ring, and customize it into a new setting to propose to me with. He did just that (and damn, did he do well), and he paid in full and ordered the ring. It was Christmas Eve, and Ryan got a call stating the ring came in 2 weeks early (he was planning on proposing in late January/February). He picked it up and hid it away, and told himself he wasn’t going to propose until his originally planned date. At the time, I was finishing up school and working in retail, and I had to work that day until the evening. Once I got off from work, I met up with his family for their traditional Christmas Eve dinner. Normally I go to my family’s Christmas Eve dinner (I come from an Italian family), but this year I wasn’t able to go due to work, and because of some unresolved issues within my family. Because of missing this, I was really going through a rough time and was pretty irritable, to say the least. This was also such a rough time for Ryan’s family and his grandfather since it was the first Christmas without his grandma. After dinner, we went back to his parents house to exchange gifts. After we finished exchanging gifts, I was getting ready to leave, but Ryan said he had to go change his shirt, so I waited. When he came back, I was sitting on the couch, and he knelt down in front of me and said “I have one more gift.” Now, I am definitely not proud of my response, but there is a backstory of why I responded that way. I totally looked at him and said “Really?!” in an almost annoyed tone as he was pulling out the ring. The reason I said that was because we have had an ongoing joke that he can never give me gifts on the actual holiday. For whatever reason, his family has always given gifts super early, and it always drove me insane. Ryan and I had agreed that we would save the gifts we were giving to one another for Christmas Day. So anyway, after my terrible response, he asked if I would marry him as his parents and his grandfather stood by and watched. I was in some serious shock, and being the ungraceful girl I am, I picked up the ring and put it on myself! After he said “so…..what does that mean?” I said of course and jumped up into a big hug and kiss! After we talked to his family some more and celebrated, Ryan and I stepped away on our own for a little bit. He talked to me about how he felt the timing was right, and I ugly cried for a good 20 minutes. I was going through such a rough time in my life, and him asking me when he did meant the world to me (especially because I had NO idea, and it was such a surprise). I was on cloud 9, especially with such a gorgeous ring ( I still can’t get enough of it!).

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Angeline and Ryan's Engagement in At Ryan's parents' house

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