Angeline and Kurt

How We Met

We met when Kurt was fourteen and I was thirteen. We met at the Forest Grove Oregon swimming pool. He walked me home, and my dad scared him away for twenty two years. We reconnected online through mutual friends. I happened to have my very first camera, and snapped a picture of us. My mom had it in my scrapbook, and we discovered later when we reconnected. We grew up in the same small town. We knew of each other but never spoke after that amazing day. Oddly enough, I didn’t even know it was my dad that scared him off. After reconnecting online, and enjoying many hours of amazing conversation, he flew out to Colorado to see me. We fell in love instantly. I moved back to our home state of Oregon where he had never left just four months later. We dated for almost 6 years before he asked. We each had three children from previous marriages, and were raising our kids in separate homes, co-parenting with the ex’s before we finally felt it was ok for us to merge lives.
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how they asked

I had been away on a long trip and Kurt was waiting for my return at the airport. After he picked me up, he drove us north from Portland to Seattle for the weekend. He kept teasing me with a jewelry box bigger then most engagement ring boxes, but not letting me see inside. For almost two days he teased me with this box, saying he did not know if I would like what was inside because I create jewelry and he was scared to buy any other piece of jewelry for me. After a fun day of looking in all the little shops, buying matching rain jackets, and indulging in delicious food, we boarded an orca whale watching boat. He showed me where he was hiding the jewelry box in the car so it would be safe in the parking lot. Again teasing me about how I could not look inside and off we went. I forgot all about the box. After a couple hours, we were finally in the excitement of orcas all around us. We had been a little chatty with one other couple on the boat adventure but mostly stayed in our little bubble, enjoying our time together away from everything. Kurt handed his phone to the man who had been chatting with us, and asked him to snap a picImage 2 of Angeline and Kurt Image 3 of Angeline and Kurt Image 4 of Angeline and Kurt Image 5 of Angeline and KurtI am sitting there posing and out of nowhere Kurt busts out the jewelry box and inside it a engagement ring! He had it planned with the guy to capture the moment on video and I had no idea. I could not believe it!Image 6 of Angeline and Kurt Image 7 of Angeline and Kurt Image 8 of Angeline and Kurt Image 9 of Angeline and Kurt Image 10 of Angeline and Kurt

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