Angeline and John

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How We Met

John and I met in August 2017 while I was working as a cashier at my Dad’s restaurant. I was simultaneously working and doing homework. He noticed and initiated a conversation with me. After learning that he was an NYU graduate, I began asking him about his experience as a student there. We exchange numbers and during our first set of exchange messages, we realized that we had so many similarities and above all, we were both in love with Christ.

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How They Asked

Directly after flying into FL for John’s best friend’s wedding, I was told to get ready for the wedding rehearsal dinner. I was tired grumpy and hungry and took my sweet time getting dress. I was also highly annoyed because John kept rushing me.

John set up the GPS to the venue and after 10 mins of us driving John received a call from his brother saying that he needed a ride. Five mins later he turned around and said that he had a surprise for me and that I had to cover my eyes…..

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Angeline and John's Engagement in Fort Lauderdale

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