Angelina and Robert

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How We Met

Robert and I met the summer of 2013 while working in Walt Disney World. He was apart of the International College Program as he’s from England and I was participating in the regular internship. I normally worked in the Mission Space store in Epcot and he was in the Pirates of the Caribbean gift shop in Magic Kingdom. On July 4th I was randomly scheduled a shift in his store which was very out of the blue for me as I had never worked at Magic Kingdom. The day came and the beginning of my shift was filled with older cast members who didn’t really speak to me so it was rather boring. A few hours into the day I was rotated onto a register that was next to a handsome man in the pirate costume.

The first thing that caught my eye was his smile and big blue eyes but then as soon as I heard him speak, this attractive British accent came out and I swooned. He hit it off and spent the whole shift talking, laughing and interacting with guests together. I ended my shift before him and gave him my number before I left. Later that night we went to Epcot together to watch the fireworks. Ever since then we have been in a long distance relationship and are finally closing the 4,000 mile gap this December. The crazy thing about all this that I almost called in for my shift that day. That day before I had just gotten back into town from my uncles funeral, so I wasn’t really in the mood to work. Something inside me told me to go and I’m so thankful that I did.

how they asked

As Robert and I have been in a long distance relationship, we had planned on meeting up in Walt Disney World again so we could spend time together. Our first day back in the parks we went to Magic Kingdom with a few of our close friends. After a few rides and decided on heading over to Pirates of The Caribbean to go on it and meet up with another friend who was just getting off work. Once we got off Rob said he wanted a few pictures together on the stage where Captain Jack Sparrow normally performs. We got up into the stage and our friends as well at PhotoPass Photographer started taking pictures. I didn’t expect anything of it as Rob and I are very social media centered and love taking pictures together. But before I knew it he was down on one knee pulling a little barrel out of his pocket.

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He opened it up and the most beautiful ring was inside it. It was the perfect touch to our Pirates of the Caribbean love story.

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Special Thanks

Rachel Branham
 | Photographer