Angelica and Tyler

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How We Met

Like any good RomCom, our love story began as office romance. Tyler and I started off as friends–we’d have our typical small talk about what we did over the weekend, funny movies to watch, and where to find the best breakfast burritos in town. In one of our daily conversations, we had discovered our mutual love for theme parks. He had asked if I wanted to spend the Fourth of July with him at Universal Studios Hollywood; after a little back and forth with some close friends at work, I decided to say yes. That was one of the best decisions in my life and a yes that would lead to a bigger yes four years later.

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How They Asked

We had planned early in the year to spend the Fourth of July (our anniversary) in one of our favorite cities: Las Vegas. This trip was also supposed to bring our families together–who also had never met–so I couldn’t help but think that this could possibly be the weekend we’d get engaged. Yet a few weeks before our vacation, Tyler had broken the news to me that his family was unable to make it; sad but understanding, I let go of the idea of a Vegas proposal.

The long weekend finally rolled around and while I was bummed that his family would be missing out, I was excited to have my family there, who we planned to meet up with at some point during the trip. Tyler had also made a dinner reservation for us that evening in which the only detail he shared was that it was a place we’ve never been before. After about a 20-minute drive off the strip, we pulled into Lake Las Vegas, a beautiful location and a new part of town for the both of us.

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Stepping into The Village already felt like a fairytale–fountains, flowers, and a gorgeous Lakeview. Tyler and I walked around until we saw a bridge which he suggested we explore. As we walked down the hallway leading up to the bridge, I noticed petals on the ground. We followed the path of the petals which ended up forming a heart and candles. Tyler led me to the center of the heart and began to tell me a story of how he really wanted to buy me something special for our anniversary. He then pulled from his backpack a pair of white Nike sneakers and said that these would be the most special pair of shoes, the pair of shoes that will take me on my next adventure. Once he dropped down on one knee, I started to lose it… and of course, said yes!

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After his super romantic proposal, we made our way to the dinner reservation. As we entered the restaurant, he took me to a back room, and to my surprise (again), I saw my family, his family, and my best friends screaming in excitement. I lost it again.

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Tyler gives himself less credit than he deserves but he is the most genuine, caring, humble, and thoughtful person I know, so I had no doubt that he would propose in the most special way. The time, effort, and planning it took him to bring the most important people together for such a spectacular moment just shows how lucky I am to get to spend the rest of my life with him.

Cheers to the next adventure!

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Special Thanks

Reaz Rahman
 | Photographer
Jasmine Reyes
 | Planning
Nicki Sun
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