Angelica and Stephan

How We Met

Stephan and I met in junior high school, we were 10 years old. From the moment I saw him in the class room, I thought he was “cute” and I had a “crush” on him. We were friends, but I always hoped to be more than that. We would start passing notes in class, and talking on instant messaging and texting, but were too shy to talk in front of other people. By the time 8th grade came, we were now 13, he asked me to dance with him at the prom, and I was ecstatic. Two days later (June 10th, 2005) he asked me if I would mind so much to be his girlfriend and I said yes! This is what I have wanted all along. 10 and a half years later we are getting married, and I couldn’t be happier.

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how they asked

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I went to a paint and wine class with my mom and his mom for my birthday. When i opened my door to my house, our entire family and friends were there with cameras and smiles( about 70 people) and he was on one knee in a heart of rose petals with our initials outside the heart and from the door to him. I immediately knew what was happening. I instantly started crying because we have been through everything together, we grew up together and I am so excited to marry him! It has been a dream of mine for years. After he told me some sweet personal things, he then asked me if I would mind so much to marry him, which is exactly how they asked me to be his girlfriend over 10 years ago, and that made me so happy. I put on my gorgeous ring, told him yes and I loved him and jumped into his arms. Our family and friends cheered and we have been on cloud 9 ever since.

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