Angelica and Philip

How We Met

We met when I was 17, set up by my best friend at the time who wanted to introduce me to her boyfriends friend. It was 8 pm on a school night and my mom was not having it ! Thank god I begged her to let me go out that night, or else I could have missed out on meeting the most amazing man in the world, who would turn out to be my future husband… Our double date started out perfectly. It was a beautiful summer night and he took us for ices and ended up going for a walk by the conference house, a beautiful historic landmark on Staten Island that is right on the beach. We walked the beach as we got to know each other. This next part is going to sound incredibly corny & cliche, but I swear it actually happened !! As we were heading back to his car I almost tripped while walking over a puddle in the sand, being the modern day price charming my fiancé is, he caught me just as I was about to fall and in that same moment we shared out first kiss! The best night & better yet the First night of the rest of my life !!!!

how they asked

It was a rainy afternoon in April when Phil said he wanted to take me for Ralphs ices. We went and picked out usual favorites. He then told me he wanted to go meet our friends at a near by beach for a bon fire. My 1st thought was “NO, it was way too cold and rainy”. My second thought was “Who throws bon fires on Staten Island, especially on a rainy April afternoon”. I eventually agreed, as usual. We pulled up to the beach and I quickly realized where we were. It was the beach where we first met… I asked him if he realized where we were & in typical guy fashion he said he did not recall. As we were walking down the hill, he grabbed my hand and began telling me how much he loved me. At first, I thought he was just being sweet and mushy, but the closer we got to the sand the faster I started to realize what was about to happen..

As we got closer to the shore, what I saw was NOT a bon fire with our friends as I had expected, but shimmering candles surrounding a beautiful wicker platform. Phil had replicated the first day we met. The same Ralph’s ices and a stroll on the same beach where we shared our first blind date & first kiss. My heart began to race as I felt him tug on my hand and say “Angelica, I have to ask you something”. Immediate tears began to roll down my face, followed my multiple “Is this really happening?!”. As he walked me down to the beautiful candle lit platform he had set up, he whipped my tears away and knelt down on one knee.

Angelica and Philip's Engagement in The Conference House on Staten Island

That day my best friend and whole heart of 6 years asked me to be his wife and I said YES! The rest is history. -Angelica R. (Soon to be D.)

Wedding Proposal Ideas in The Conference House on Staten Island

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