Angelica and Nick

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Disneyland

How We Met

We met four years ago at a gym we both worked at. I actually wasn’t even suppose to work at this gym but long story short, my sister-in-law needed some assistance and asked if I would come on board for a bit. Ofcourse I said yes and boy am I glad I did! My now fiancé and I would occasionally see each other passing in the weight rooms or even see each other working out, but one day I was near his work space and he decided to come over and talk to me! Shortly after our first conversation he asked for my number and we talked pretty much none stop for five days until he asked me on a movie date! We saw Godzilla and even to this day we joke about how unromantic that movie was to see as our first time spending time together outside of work! haha! He asked me on a REAL date shortly after and took me to a painting class and to my favorite restaurant. Now, I am super traditional and always joked with him saying “it might seem silly but I’m not officially your girlfriend until you ask me to be” so two months into us dating he brought me to a very fancy restaurant and asked me to be his girlfriend with a pandora bracelet that had my initials as the charms! It was the most romantic thing ever! I should have known at that moment that if he was ever to propose it would be unbelievably special! No joke I started saving for our wedding a few months into us dating because I knew he was the one!

how they asked

They day that every girl dreams of!!! AGH! It was everything I had dreamed of and more! After 3 years of being together and having every day as a new adventure Nick totally caught me of guard with his proposal! To give just a bit of a back story on my dream proposal I spent ALOT of time in Disneyland growing up and it was always the happiest place for me. To me there was no such thing as sadness or anything bad if you were in Disneyland so before I even met Nick and when I was a little girl I would tell my mother, “I want to be proposed to right in front of the Disneyland Castle because thats where everything good in my life has happened and where else would a prince charming propose?” As I got older, once I met Nick and the thought of marriage would linger in my mind I also added things to my proposal must list such as I wanted to be dressed up nicely not in run-around-disneyland-clothes, I wanted a photographer hiding in the bushes and most importantly I wanted my family and Nicks family there! (my family and Nicks family live in Texas so everyone would have to fly to California) Thats not a lot to ask for right?? haha!

So back to how the proposal happened, we were in Disneyland celebrating my brothers birthday – or so I thought. On the day before my brothers birthday, April 15th, my mom told me that she had booked reservations at this very fancy restaurant that is nearly impossible to get into so I would need to get dressed up for the evening. She also said that since it is Saturday night Disneyland has the dance hall opened in fantasyland for swing dancing and we are going to stop by there to dance a little bit before dinner. This lead me to think, “how nice, we will be all dressed up and sweaty for dinner”. Anyways I danced with my brother and father for about an hour before we had to go (Nick does NOT dance) which was so much fun. It started to get crowded because the fireworks were about to start and Nick took my hand so we wouldn’t get separated. Next thing I know he is pulling me underneath the rope that separates the people from the castle during the fireworks and I am completely freaking out because we were not suppose to be there! Honestly Nick is the most daredevil soul I have ever met so it wasn’t completely surprising that he would do something like this. All of a sudden he turns me around and asks me, “Are you ready for all of your dreams to come true?” and when I said, “yes” he got down on one knee and asked me to spend forever with him.

There was no one else around us because the whole castle was roped off except a photographer that to my knowledge had jumped out of the bushes but had actually been following us for an hour and I had no idea. My prince charming was proposing to me in front of the castle just like I always dreamt it would be. The huge crowd that filled all of Disneyland’s mainstreet started screaming and cheering for us and my family was there videoing and face booking living the whole thing so practically the whole world could see! I cried so hard because I could not believe it. I gave Nick the biggest kiss before I saw the ring or even said yes because I was so happy! Eventually once I gathered myself I, of course, said “YES!!!”.

Angelica's Proposal in Disneyland

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Disneyland

After the proposal we headed to dinner which was ACTUALLY an engagement party rather than my brothers birthday dinner! Once we had gotten out of Disneyland and were walking to dinner I told Nick I wanted to call his mom and dad to share how excited I was with them since they weren’t with us. Well, to my surprise we turned the corner of the restaurant and who is sitting there at this gigantic reserved table but Nicks WHOLE family screaming with joy for us! My dream proposal had come true down to every little detail I had dreamed of, most importantly my dream guy, my best friend and the love of my life, Nick.

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