Angelica and Matthew

how we met

Matthew and I chatted on Tinder and I was intrigued by him because he also worked at the fondue restaurant, Melting Pot, except he was in the Coral Springs location while I was at the Cooper City location. He started with the cheesiest pick-up line, “DTF?” which meant, “Down to fondue?” LOLWe decided to meet up at Kanpai for sushi and sake but with friends. I was so nervous that I changed my outfit when I had already run into him and he said hi to me. Oops!

how they asked

It was New Year’s Eve and he was able to stay in Florida for the holidays. We went to Miami’s Pitbull New Year’s Eve Celebration in Biscayne Bay. When it close to the ball drop, I wanted to get close up to the stage for the confetti but, he wanted to stay closer to a tree away from the crowd. He went down on one knee and I was so shocked by his proposal and he even had strangers at the park recording it. I had a nose bleed right after lol and a news cameraman was about to turn my direction but, I ran before that caught my embarrassing nose bleed moment. LOL!

Special Thanks

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