Angelica and Jose

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How We Met

We met in the small town we both lived in at the time. I worked at his dads restaurant as a waitress and I didn’t know of him until two months in to working there. We started running together, then after our runs we’d go have ice cream or even eat sometimes. After a year of going back and forth, he finally asked me to be his girlfriend.

how they asked

He was on a two week vacation in Ecuador and I had decided to go back home for those two weeks due to my birthday being during the last week he’d be in Ecuador. The night of my birthday, I had a very nice dinner with his family and my parents and siblings. It was time for me to open gifts, and his mom handed me this letter saying it was from him. I read it out loud and everyone acted surprised and kept saying “I wonder where you’re going! Maybe Hawaii? You need your passport!”

Angelica's Proposal in Disney World

So finally, the night ended and I couldn’t wait for that Saturday to come so I could finally see him and also get my surprise! Days later, there I was packing for my vacation to a destination unknown. I got to the airport, dropped off the car and walked in- There he was standing with the biggest smile on his face I had ever seen. I wish I could say it was like in the movies where people run to each other, but let’s be real we were on such a time crunch to catch a flight we didn’t have time to run to each other. So anyway, he wanted to tell me right then and there where he was taking me but I said no. I refused to look at the screens of the flight schedules and kept it that way until they announced our flight would be delayed 3 hours. As we were waiting he google imaged a picture of Disney World and showed me that’s where he was taking me. I was so excited! I had never been to Disney World and it was also on our bucket list together to go.

Angelica and Jose's Engagement in Disney World

After a long day, we finally go to on the plane and set off to Florida. While we were there, I had no idea what the plan was on the first day we just relaxed and settled in. The next day, which was Monday, we set off on our first day in the park. Right when we got in, they had a show with Mickey and Minnie, Elsa, Anna, and Olaf. As the show ended, we passed the castle and he said, “Lets go over here! I saw a wishing well and we can throw a penny in there.” So I said “okay.” We get to Cinderella’s well and a lady comes up to us asking if we would like to do an activity and at the end we would get a big prize.

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We accepted thinking “omg this is so awesome!” As she explains the rules, we set off and start talking about it. He says, “Wow this is so cool! This is something really big! We could win free pictures for the day or something!” I, in shock, was like “Yeah this is really cool! Let me take pictures of this and put it on snap chat!” So I unknowingly took pictures of my proposal. I even remember telling him “someone’s gonna think you set this up! I’ve never heard of Disney doing things like this!” And he was scared I’d figure it out but I never did.

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Finally, as we go through all those clues, we get done and go back to main street to meet the lady. She says “Put these blind folds on and whoever can draw Mickey the best will win the prize.” So as I stand there blind folded, my fiancé is getting help from the lady on what to do and where to kneel. She says “ok Jose is done now so you can take your blind fold off now.” As I slowly take my blindfold off, the first think I see is his face full of excitement holding out the ring, down on one knee.

I was in total shock! I didn’t know what to do so I kept saying, “Noooo!” As in “there is no way this is happening right now!” He had a speech prepped and everything! Of course I didn’t even know what he was saying because I was still in shock, but I do remember tears of joy and excitement also. The lady that set us out on the adventure was hired by my fiancé to help him set everything up. He was planning my surprise for 3-4 months.

Definitely the best day of my life thus far.