Angelica and Jon


How We Met

Jon and I met in college. We were actually neighbors which led to many late night walks around campus, intramural volleyball games, and talking into the wee hours of the morning on one of our back porches. We had a solid friendship in college but things never got serious between us. After college I moved to New Orleans to teach and Jon moved to California to coach volleyball. We spoke less than a handful of times and for 3 years we didn’t see each other. When Jon was moving back home to South Carolina last year, he asked me if he and his buddy could crash on my couch on their road trip from CA to SC. We reconnected that weekend and things took off from there. We dated long distance for the next 8 months before I moved to SC. We were inseparable and the distance was too much to bare.

how they asked

He is my redeeming love…A few days ago, Jon surprised me with the most majestic proposal of which I’ve never dared to dream. With only a week left of summer, I decided a girl’s week in the mountains with one of my best friends from New Orleans was in need.

After dropping me off at the airport in Atlanta, Jon returned, without my knowledge, the following morning this time for his own flight to Denver. He flew to Colorado a day after I had and secretly followed in my footsteps. A trek across the entire state led him to where I’d be spending the week in a gloriously quaint town tucked into the most grand of mountains.

After I had arrived, I quickly fell in love with Telluride and phoned him numerous times in anguish wishing he could experience the incredible sights with me. Little did I know…With lots of scheming between my friend and Jon, he pulled off the most extravagant proposal.

Thinking he was in South Carolina, Jon surprised me on the edge of a mountain, a scene that was breathtaking in every literal way. From the moment I saw him my knees shook fiercely with excitement and shock.

He pulled out a thoughtfully designed ring that will forever remind us of our pursuit of The Lord first and each other second. We are both so humbled by the way that Christ has divinely rewritten our love story.



I am undeserving of Jon’s unconditional love for me and the selfless ways he puts me first as he looks to Jesus as an example. I’m beyond ecstatic to live a life full of adventure with Jon as my best friend.