Angelica and John

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How We Met

John and I met back in the end of February 2010 when I was a manager of Silk Nightclub in Hauppauge, NY and it was his first night working, I was in my office doing my normal insane “night of procedures” before the club opened for the weekend, and John walked in,I asked him what he was there for, he replied “bar back” and my response was “wearing that?” He had been dressed up in a suit looking so handsome and I wasn’t expecting him to say he was there for the bar. He told me his name was John when I met him but I didn’t know his last name and I remember looking at all the time cards in the week to narrow down which “John” he was because I wanted to look him up on Facebook which he wasn’t even on at the time! ( IMAGINE? not finding someone on the internet? who is this guy lol ) Finally that weekend I walked towards the office I felt someone whip me with a towel, and I turned around he said “Hey Beautiful “…. i continued to see him at work over the next few weeks, and knew there was something there, then finally exchanged numbers after 5 hours on the phone one night we decided to go to a movie together… Long Love story short once the night ended… We’ve never left each others side and have been together everyday since April 1 2010 <3

how they asked

It was New Years Day 2018, a BEAUTIFUL day as well. Only a few day after it had snowed, chilly day looking over the water… nothing out of the ordinary that John wanted to go to the beach that morning. If you knew us that’s just what we did no matter the season or the weather we were at the beach. John wanted to go see how the water was that early afternoon, and start the new year at our favorite place. John had gotten a Go-Pro camera for his birthday from his dad that we hadn’t really used so much yet,and all the accessories it came with and was dying to try them out, so what better day then this beautiful sunny winter morning to try out a new camera. We went to our usual place field 2 ( where John usually surfs ) distracted me with all the different accessories and how they were supposed to be used. Took some selfies of us really thinking nothing of it at all !

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really thinking nothing of it at all !
Clueless because John always wanted to take pictures at the beach, he was setting up the camera ( little did I know what was about to happen ! ) he was perfectly placed in the corner to get us in the perfect spot, it was the moment he took off my sunglasses off and started speaking that everything was about to change. A place that will hold our memory forever, a place that will never go away and has so much meaning to us!

I will never forget the things he said, and my reaction out of complete shock that he asked me to marry him !

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