Angelica and Christopher


How We Met

I still remember the first time I ever saw Chris. I was 15 yrs. old sitting in my science class at school when he walked past my classroom, he was late for class and rushing. I thought he was cute and hoped I’d see him again soon. Every single day I looked forward to the first few minutes of class when I would get to watch him walk to class. I remember going home and telling my mom that I thought I has found “The One.” Fast forward a few years to my second year of college, I was throwing a party with my roommates and one of my roomates was dating Chris’s best friend. His friend had informed me that they had just moved up to Chico where I attended school. I told his friend to invite Chris over for our party, and when Chris walked through the door it was like I was 15 yrs. old again watching him walk past my classroom. As soon as I saw Chris, I knew I couldn’t let him get away again…and I never did!

how they asked

When Chris and I first started dating, we made a promise to each other that we would see the world together no matter what. Every year we switched back and forth between who got to choose our next adventure and this time it was Chris’s choice, and he chose beautiful Alaska. He chose Alaska because of my love of hiking and his love of the outdoors. When we talked about this trip, we couldn’t contain our excitement! This trip was special to us from the very start. After arriving in Anchorage, we had 3 amazing days of incredible sight seeing and new experiences before we were headed to our next location of the trip, Seward. Chris has set up a dinner reservation at the beautiful Seven Glaciers Restaurant, which was on the way to our next destination. When we arrived, we took a gondola to the very top of a mountain overlooking Turnagain Arm (a waterway that connects to the Guld of Alaska) where our restaurant sat hanging off this mountain. This restaurant was made of glass walls so that you could admire the view from the top of the mountain, it was absolutely breathtaking! We had a few minutes before our reservation and thought we would get some photos in front of Turnagain Arm. We pulled someone aside to take our photo and just as he started clicking, Chris got down on one knee on top of a mountain overlooking Alaska and asked me to be his forever…he said this would be our greatest adventure yet and of course, I said yes!