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how they asked

Every time Brandon would plan a trip, I would say “Oh, is that where you’re going to propose?!”. His family would always reply, “Take your time, you have another 5 years..”, and I’d smile and say “We’re only getting older!” (they knew the whole time). I had come across the Equinox Resort on Instagram and loved the pictures of this little house on the side of the pond – so whimsical! I must have mentioned it enough times for Brandon to get the hint. He surprised me with a weekend away at the resort for my Christmas present this year. I was so excited! He even went as far as to book a spa day for me -a massage and my nails done while he went to golf for the day.

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Flash forward to that weekend and we were having a greater time. Brandon seemed a bit off, but I didn’t pay much mind to it. I just couldn’t understand why even though it was finally super warm out, he wouldn’t take off his jacket. I found out why on the morning of our second day. Brandon made a reservation for a beautiful breakfast in the ballroom of the resort – and I couldn’t believe that of all the seats, we got the one with he breathtaking view right by the window (planned)! Still all dressed up from our “fancy” breakfast, we rushed to catch the earliest shuttle over to the Equinox pond (since I was dying to see it and we were expecting rain later that morning).

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We took a walk along the hiking trail and circled back to cross the bridge and walk along the pond. As we walked over the bridge, Brandon’s tone changed and he mumbled, “This is perfect, my life is perfect…” As soon as I heard those words, I turned toward him and I knew what was happening, but still managed to ask, “Brandon, what’s happening?!”

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He asked me to marry him and after pulling myself from a state of shock (I thought this was happening in 5 years?!) and saying yes, he placed the most perfect ring on my finger. It didn’t stop there. A photographer hid in the woods and documented everything, including our walk up to the surprise picnic that Brandon had set up for us.

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We enjoyed macaroons (from the coffee shop where we went on our first date) and mimosas before heading out to meet our photographer at the Hildene Farms for an engagement photo shoot! I even got to hold a baby goat! Later that night we had a romantic dinner with just the two of us, while be serenaded by a musician that Brandon had hired to sing all of our favorite songs.

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On the way home, we stopped for dinner. It was Mother’s Day and I was pretty upset that I hadn’t been able to get home and share this moment with my mother yet, but I understood that he wanted one last celebratory night together. Shortly after being seated, the waitress had to “switch our table”, only to find out he had planned a surprise dinner with both of our families. It was the most shocking, eventful and special weekend of my life.

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Special Thanks

Paul Reynolds
 | Photographer
The Equinox Luxury Resort
 | Planning