Angelica and Alex

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How We Met

Alex and I met when we were 16 in high school. He was in summer school to catch up and I was in summer school to get ahead. It’s the classic story of a popular jock falling for the quiet girl outside of his circle. We quickly found out how much we had in common and by January of that next year we were dating. It’s the perfect match.

how they asked

After dating off and on since junior year of high school, Alex and I got more serious in our relationship after college, when faith intervened again. He enlisted. I told him I’d wait the 4 years and we’d make long distance work yet again but he had other plans. After a year and a half of a long distance army relationship, Alex decided to pop the question! He was coming home for just the weekend to attend one of his friend’s weddings on Saturday and that Sunday we had planned to show another one of his other newly engaged best friends and his fiancé the California coast, Carmel. We had a great morning on the drive up there and planned to end the day with dinner at a beautiful seaside restaurant. We had some time to kill so Alex suggested we all go check out the beach, so we parked, found the stairs down and headed to the water. We started walking along the beach and in the distance I could see a white table with some things on it. I asked Alex what he thought it was and he replied, “I’m not sure, let’s check it out.” As we got closer I could see a white picket fence and a blanket. I looked up at him and asked “what is that…..?” And he looked back at me and smiled and said, “maybe…. it’s for us.” Tears instantly. It was at that moment I realized what was about to happen. It was at that same moment that we passed a massive cove wall and I could see my family and his family with their phones up and ready and the biggest smiles on their faces. Alex led me to the fence and blanket and there were roses, lanterns and pictures of us all perfectly placed and he got down on one knee. I wish I could say I remember what he said when he was on his knee but honestly in that moment I was a blubbering mess. It was a moment I’d hoped for for 8 years and it was finally happening. I said yes of course and he placed a gorgeous ring on my finger. Then we were greeted by family and friends and they had cupcakes and champagne ready for us. We ended the most perfect day with the seaside dinner, but with a much bigger headcount and a reason to celebrate. Truly a day to remember.

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