Angela and Sam

Wedding Proposal Ideas in In the Rocky Mountain Wilderness

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Friday November 18th 2016 was our 1-year anniversary and we went back to the quaint little cafe in Broomfield, where we met last year, to relive our first day together, that of which, ultimately began the first page of the rest of our life story. While we were having some delicious lattes, Sam told me he wanted to take some memorabilia from the last 365 days of our lives and put it in a time capsule for us to take out into the wilderness (my favorite place on earth) to bury it so we could visit it every year and add things to it. Over the next couple days we worked on collecting the items we wanted to add to the capsule we purchased and then Friday the day after Thanksgiving, we went out for a trek into the wilderness to a hidden lake here in Colorado in search of the perfect spot to bury our sweet time capsule. Little did I know that inside the time capsule was the most gorgeous sapphire ring ever that Sam had oh so effortlessly placed in there after I had closed it up the night before our adventure. He had the ring designed with a band that is molded around a real twig and a 3 carat blue sapphire! (He knows how much I love the outdoors and also how much I highly dislike traditional expectations.) After a 10-mile off road trail drive and a 3 mile hiking trek with not another human in sight, we found the gorgeous lake we sought out to find not far from the Continental Divide.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in In the Rocky Mountain Wilderness

It was nearly 3 pm in the afternoon once we reached the lake where we got to have a snack, take some pictures, and search for the perfect location for burying. We did all of these things rather hastily, but had to hurry as the sun was going down and we had a 12-mile trek back out of the woods via hiking and off-roading once we buried this thing. We looked around for some cool trees or landmarks and there’s no trails in sight as there’s several feet of snow between us and any foot trails. We found the perfect tree, it was 2 attached together. After Sam dug a small hole for the capsule, I was hastily trying to cover it up so we could be on our way back. As I start throwing the dirt on top, Sam says, “WAIT! Don’t cover it yet!” I was so confused, cold and over it at this point!

He took the capsule out from the dirt, opened it up, pulled out the ring and asked me to marry him! There couldn’t have been a more perfect way, or day for him to plan this amazing life event. I have never been so surprised and so happy before. He took out his water bottle that was ACTUALLY filled with my favorite wine and we were able to celebrate a few minutes before we headed back out of the wilderness. I couldn’t have had a more amazing experience in my favorite place and with my favorite person, not a single soul in sight, maybe a few furry creatures but they probably enjoyed watching!