Angela and Andy

how they asked: Andy and I met when we were 20 years old through mutual friends that would stop at nothing to get us together, 8 years later here we are! (I know – 8 years – I’m a saint)

We took a trip in April to Palm Springs for Coachella Music Festival, it was our first time on that coast and I had been dying to go to Coachella for years! We stayed in an adorable little house in the heart of Palm Springs with a few friends and my younger brother. Our first official day there (Thursday, April 9th) we went horseback riding through the mountains, had some fab Mexican food at a small local place and soaked in the scenery. When I was doing research on to-do’s in Palm Springs, the Aerial Tramway was an attraction that a lot of people suggested. Andy, my friend Kenya and myself talked about going up to the mountain that evening to see the sunset, I mean how gorgeous.

Lets rewind about 24 hours (Wednesday, April 8th): When we arrived in LA we went to Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles for lunch (obviously). I got up from the table and while I was gone, Andy shared with Kenya that he was planning to propose on this trip, he didn’t know where or when, and he needed her help. In Kenya’s words, she felt like “the cat that swallowed the canary”. They were both very good at playing it cool because I didn’t suspect a thing!

Back to Thursday: After driving up to Valley Station (2,643 feet) we finally got onto the tram to make our way up to Mount Jacinto State Park. Had we done better research, we would have realized it was going to be 40 degrees at the top of that mountain. Of course we were all wearing shorts/dresses, and freezing our butts off (40 degrees is cold for us Floridians). Once we got off the tram we walked out onto the balcony to the most breathtaking view. We went up a few flights of stairs to the absolute highest point of the mountain we could get to, there is nothing like seeing the lights of the city from 8,516 feet. We heard an announcement that the next tram leaves in 10 minutes, after taking lots of selfies and photos of the view we started heading back down the stairs to the main level.

Andy wanted to stop and take a look out of the binoculars to get a better view. I was not into it being that my hands and toes were like ice cubes, but I indulged him and searched my bag and wallet for a quarter. I of course didn’t have one, at which point Kenya started digging crazily through her bag, hands like ice she was dropping change everywhere. I was completely unaware of the fact that he was trying to stall for some of the crowd to disperse so he could pop the question. After the hunt for quarters was unsuccessful he decided to pull me aside saying “Just look at how amazing this is, we never see views like this”. I decided to stop complaining about how cold I was for a minute and take in the view, not knowing what was about to happen.

I couldn’t tell you what he said, it’s still a blur. There was something about being in Palm Springs, and “I know you’ve been waiting for this for a long time” and next thing I knew he was on his knee. I briefly saw the box, but I immediately threw my arms around him and just kept repeating “Is this real life, is this real life” crying like a baby. After replying “YES!” he just kept asking me, “did you even see it?!” and slid the most gorgeous ring I have ever seen in my entire life onto my finger. It couldn’t be more perfect if I picked it out myself.
Image 1 of Angela and Andy

Once we got down from the mountain we called our families, who were waiting by the phone. It warmed my heart when I found out that my sister and brother were apart of choosing the ring. Andy had them in the loop the entire time, sending them photos as it was being designed. The whole family, his and mine, were in on it and that made it even more special to me. It was already the trip of a lifetime and the engagement was the cherry on top!

Palm Springs will forever hold a special place in my heart. I frolicked around in the desert for 5 days, listening to amazing music, surrounded by beautiful mountain views. I got engaged at 8,516 feet on a beautiful mountain top, how many girls can say that?! It was like a dream and I will remember that day for the rest of my life!

Image 2 of Angela and Andy