Angela and Tyson

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how we met

Tyson stole my heart fairly early into our relationship. I had my guard up, but he effortlessly kept bringing it down, day after day. This sounds so cliché, but I couldn’t believe how much of a genuine and nice person he was. I can be pretty shy when I first meet people, but he made it so easy to be silly and playful, and to just completely be yourself. It all started when we were texting each other laughing about how he couldn’t stop eating these Mini Eggs he had at his place.

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He jokingly begged me to come over and throw them away for him. I’m really not sure where I got the nerve, but I responded with “OK, I’m on my way!”, and made the drive to his place. He told me afterwards, that at the time, he couldn’t believe I actually came. He had ran around in a panic, trying to tidy up, saying oh my god, she’s coming, she’s coming! Which of course made me fall even harder for him.

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I threw away the Mini Eggs (gasp!) and he charmed me with his best Carlton dance and ridiculous youtube videos. My face hurt from laughing by the end of our impromptu date. The more time we spent together, the more things we kept discovering that we had in common. From musical taste, to mutual friends, to our love for the mountains.

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We started back country hiking together and it became the one thing we both started looking forward to more than anything. It helped immensely in overcoming those early relationship insecurities women have too, because there isn’t much to hide after long grueling hikes with 30 lbs on your back and no shower for three days. Any time I’d be shy about something, he’d always tell me, “You know I love you right?, I don’t care about those things.” I’m fairly sure my after I wiped up my then liquified heart, and said goodbye to my insecurities, it made our hiking trips even that more amazing.

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how they asked

Then last June, he booked a hike for us that he had been dying to do for a while. His parents had taken him there when he was just a little boy, and it was the first hike he had ever done. The awe-inspiring Mount Robson. It was hands down the most breathtaking trail I had ever been on. We spent our first night by Berg Lake, surrounded by the thunderous sounds of the glaciers falling into the lake. The next morning he guided me up another trail to the top of the mountain. We were literally in the clouds. There was this amazing point at the top of the mountain where you can look below and see the crystal blue lake below you and this panoramic view of mountains in every direction.

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We stopped and sat on a boulder to take in the view and have something to eat. I had turned around to grab a sip of our bourbon, and when I turned back, Tyson was on one knee with a ring in his hands, asking me to marry him. My jaw fell. Not only did he say the most beautiful things to me, but it meant even more that he did it there. Just the two of us, on top of a mountain. It was the perfect proposal.

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