Angela and Ted

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How We Met

3 1/2 years ago I started a summer job at a boy scout camp in Northern Wisconsin as a camp cook. Upon arriving to camp, I opened the door to the room that I would call home for the next 3 months, and to my disbelief, it seemed as if a man was already living there. I called my supervisor who then called this man, and told him to move his belongings into the next room, because he was in the wrong room. Little did I know that this man’s name was Ted, and that some day, Ted was going to ask me to marry him.

how they asked

After 2 1/2 years of a long-distance relationship (3-hour car ride), I graduated college and moved in with the man of my dreams! August 23, 2017 marked our 3-year dating anniversary. Despite my wishes of making plans well enough in advance, August 23rd rolled around, and not one plan was made. I finally gave in and asked Ted what he would like to do today, and he said, “Maybe we can go to Home Depot or Menards.” Que eye roll here. Any lady out there who has a handy man knows what it is like to spend even 30 minutes in a store like this. Don’t get me wrong, having a handy man around the house is fantastic, but this so far, was not how I hoped that our 3-year anniversary was going to go. However, after bringing up Home Depot, Ted mentioned that he would like to purchase a tree to plant in our front yard, so I went along with it.

I did not really understand why he wanted to purchase and plant a tree today of all days, until after we planted it. He insisted that I should ‘help’ him plant this tree (which consisted of me holding the tree in place while he dug the hole and filled the dirt in), which again I did not understand but I went along with it. After the tree was in the ground, I gave him a hug and smooch, which is when I noticed the bead of sweat on his hairline, and his heart beating quite fast in his chest. Being the observant person that I am, I commented on this, which is when he told me that it was hard work planting the sapling, which I believed.

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Then Ted told me that he needed to run into the house to grab something. I was not quite sure what he was grabbing, so I fussed around with the tags and stickers on the tree to pretend to be busy. Then I looked up and saw my handyman carrying out a small dovetail wooden box that he spent many hours building a few months back. I asked him what he was going to do with it, but before he could answer my question Ted took a deep breath, set the perfectly crafted wooden box on the grass, and simultaneously knelt down on one knee as he opened the clasp on the box. Inside the green felt-lined box I saw a beautiful, perfect diamond ring, and then came the words that took my breath away. In our front yard today our little sapling lives as proof of the day that Ted asked me to become his wife and will continue to symbolize our growth and love for each other as we embark on our lifelong journey together.

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