Angela and Stephen

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how they asked

It was my best friends birthday that weekend and she was upset that we weren’t going to be there since we were going on a cruise that Sunday. His sister texted me saying we should surprise her for dinner Saturday night and asked my advice on where we should take her. (His sister is also my best friend). So we went back and forth with ideas and I suggested to go to The Wine Barn in Winter Park. I was anxious all day hoping she wouldn’t find out our secret, meanwhile the biggest surprise was on me. After dinner we all walked to Park Ave for some ice cream and to walk around. As we were walking, Stephen asked me to try his ice cream (for the 6th time). I told him he picked a gross flavor and I still didn’t want it. He threw his ice cream cone in the air and as I’m watching the ice cream cone fly about to yell at him for tossing it, he turns around and is on one knee asking me to marry him!

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