Angela and Sean's Magical Photoshoot Proposal in Cape Cod

Image 1 of Angela and Sean

how we met – Angela

I had gone to East Bay restaurant the 3 previous weekends. I had been with one of my friends, Kelly, and was her wing woman. I got stuck talking to all the weirdos, while she was chatting up the good looking ones. It was Sept 12th and I was going out with her and 2 other friends. Kelly wanted to go to East Bay but I didn’t. Fortunately, I ended up getting overruled and we went there. It was a gorgeous night but wasn’t very busy so we went to the outside bar to have a few drinks. I saw Sean walk by and it looked like he was leaving, but thankfully he ended up coming back with one of his friends and started talking to a group of girls a few years older than them who were standing right next to us. I turned to one of my friends and said, “I give up. I don’t even understand this. I throw in the towel.” Well Sean ends up making eye contact with me at that moment smiles and nods and came over with a friend. I thought to myself, “He is probably a player!” but gave him a chance anyways and we hung out for the rest of the night. When we getting ready to say goodbye, I thought to myself I’m never going to hear from him again, but he contacted me a couple hours later and we have been together ever since!

Image 2 of Angela and Sean

how they asked – sean

When it came time for me to propose, I enlisted some help. I reached out to Mollie from Mollie Marrocco Events to help me attempt to surprise Angela because it’s tough to get anything by her. Mollie and I concocted the idea of having Angela model in a photoshoot, which wasn’t a foreign concept to her since friends of hers modeled in a previous shoot Mollie had a few months earlier. When Sarina from Red Anchor Photo contacted Mollie around the same time wanting to do a shoot, the idea was born and we knew it would be the perfect cover! Mollie and I arranged all the details. We borrowed a fantastic dress, rented a suit, arranged for hair and makeup to be done, found a FABULOUS location, and reached out to some amazing vendors to be part of this special occasion. We hid all of the planning from Angela; she didn’t have any clue that all of this was going on behind the scenes.

Image 3 of Angela and Sean

Image 4 of Angela and Sean

The day of the shoot Angela was still completely in the dark. She got all dolled up and we all headed to the venue so we could start taking photos in various spots around the gorgeous grounds of Ocean Edge Resort. While Angela and I did that, Mollie and the florist ran down to the beach to set up the moment complete with roses, floral teepee, and rose petal heart. I wasn’t going to propose until they came back down to the beach, but time was limited for set up because the team was running a little late. Once everyone got down to the beach, the photographer starting directing to get us comfortable, and when the moment was right, I got down on one knee.

Image 5 of Angela and Sean

Image 6 of Angela and Sean

Image 7 of Angela and Sean

Image 8 of Angela and Sean

Since all of the vendors knew this was coming, everyone had their phones out to capture the moment. Angela has no idea what was happening at first and started pulling me to get up. Once she actually realized what was happening she fell to her knees and hugged me–after saying yes of course!

Image 9 of Angela and Sean

Image 10 of Angela and Sean

Image 11 of Angela and Sean

After we had a minute to grab a glass of champagne and take a few more photos, we spilled all of the secrets of the shoot! Angela thought she was being proposed to a few months later because she noticed some restaurant reservations on my desk, so she had literally no idea this was coming. But the surprises didn’t stop after the proposal. I had arranged for Angela’s friends and family to meet us at the restaurant where we first met. It was such an incredible day!

Image 12 of Angela and Sean

Image 13 of Angela and Sean

special thanks

Planning and Design: Mollie Marrocco Events
Florals: Bloom Floral Designs
Hair and Makeup: Tiffany Cantin Hair and Makeup Artistry
Photographer: Red Anchor Photography
Venue: Ocean Edge Resort
Jewelry: Champagne and Glitter
Dress: Chantel Lauren Designs