Angela and Sean

Angela's Proposal in Montaluce Winery

How We Met

Sean and I met in high school. Our best friends started dating so my group of friends met his group of friends. After we graduated we went to different colleges. 2 years after, we all went to Halloween Horror Nights in Orlando and reconnected. We started talking through BBM at the time and have been talking every day since then.

how they asked

A couple months before Sean proposed, we were eating a King of Pop popsicle, they are famous for their writing on the sticks, and I mine said “Will you marry me?” Since Sean and I have been together for 5 years, I made a big joke of it saying that a popcicle proposed before he did. 3 months later, we went to Montaluce Winery in north Georgia for my birthday. We went wine tasting, had brunch and then got a bottle of wine and went to the vineyard to see the grape vines. Sean surprised me and our two other couple friends with King of Pops and surprise surprise my favorite flavor, Thai Iced Tea. We were eating the popcicles and everyone was talking about what the stick was going to say. Mine of course said “Will you marry me?” again! I turned to Sean and go “OMG WHAT ARE THE ODDS OF THAT?!” he goes “well this is not a coincidence!” he got down on one knee and took the ring out of his pocket and asked me again “Will you marry me?” I of course said YES!


Special Thanks

King of Pops