Angela and Sam

How We Met

Sam and I were introduced to each other almost six years ago. My sister had met him through mutual friends and thought we would be perfect for each other. At first I was not for it. But after some convincing I agreed to meet this Sam character. Our first time meeting was very casual at my house with my sister and her boyfriend. As he was leaving he handed me his phone and asked for my number. I willingly gave it to him, gave him a quick awkward hug, and he was on his way. Seconds later I received a text from a number I did not recognize. It was Sam telling me to text him sometime. My smile went from ear to ear. However, the next day I heard nothing from him. I had come home between shifts and thought to myself “well if he’s not going to text me then I’m going to text him!” I sent a quick “heyy” (note two y’s = I’m interested). And that sealed the deal. We went out the next two weekends before Sam asked me if he could introduce me to people as his girlfriend.  Years later I found out that when I sent the “heyy” he was at hockey game with some friends and was so excited to receive the text that he showed all his friends.

how they asked

Sam and I live in Connecricut. About two weeks ago the weather was abnormally warm for February in New England. Sam had asked me if I would be interested in a hike on Valentine’s Day and I said yes to the hike thinking how cool it would be to say we went hiking on February 14th. Over the next week it snowed twice and the temperature got lower and lower. I kept bringing it up to Sam that perhaps a hike might not be the best or safest idea. He did not budge. And somehow I was still game too! Of course Valentine’s Day was supposed to be the coldest day of the year thus far. Sam had convinced me that we would be fine and that we should go letter boxing. For those of you who don’t know what letter boxing is, I will explain.

People all over the country leave small boxes or tins with notes and books inside on hiking trails and then post the directions to said boxes on websites for letter boxing. Sam and I have found numerous letter boxes at Sleeping Giant State Park near where we both grew up and currently live. He told me he wanted to find one near “our spot” (where we usually go during our normal hikes). We were doing this. The morning came and when I drove to Sam’s house my car’s thermometer read -4 degrees. We each put on many many layers to prepare for the cold. We both looked like versions of the kid from “A Christmas Story”. We set out for the mountain and were surprised to see other crazy people there. We followed the directions Sam had hand written. We got all the way to our spot and Sam pointed to the spot that the letter box was in. He told me to go grab it. I however, did not see it! I looked and looked but I still saw nothing. He finally pointed it out to me and I went for it. Upon picking up the Tupperware contained I was surprised to see a picture of me and Sam from almost 6 years ago. I brought it to where he was standing and did not know what was happening. He told me to open the box. Inside was a letter. He told me to read it out loud. The details of the letter are private but it basically was perfection and was just Sam telling me how much I meant to him. It ended with my full name and a “…”  When I looked up, Sam was on one knee with a small box and a beautiful ring in it. I said “yes!” Before he even had the chance to ask anything. I quickly covered my mouth and he said “will you marry me?” Once again I said “YES!”