Angela and Robert

Where to Propose in West Chester, PA

How We Met

We met in November of 2014 at a house party in West Chester, PA. We had briefly known of each other through a mutual friend, but at this point, we had never formally met in person. I was under the impression that Robert would not be at the party that night and it wasn’t until I walked through the doors into my friend’s house when I realized I was wrong. Robert was (and still is) a fun-loving, good hearted, all-around great guy, but I was extremely uninterested during our first impression (Note: this was for many other reasons that had nothing to do with him as a person). Robert being his outgoing-self tried talking to me several times that night and even asked me to dance a couple of times, but I shot him down time and time again. As I mentioned before, this had nothing to do with Robert, it just had to do with that fact that I was still getting over a previous relationship/heartbreak and I wasn’t looking for anything serious at the moment. Eventually, my friends convinced me to give Robert a real chance and being the sucker I am, I caved in. I realized that I had been so cold and even a bit rude to someone I knew nothing about, which wasn’t fair to him. I finally gave Robert the opportunity he deserved and every day I am so thankful I did because had I not then we wouldn’t be where we are today. We can mutually agree that we are so thankful for that one night and the 5 years that have followed. Robert is my person, my rock, my soulmate, and the best guy I know. He can brighten any day with his smile, he can brighten anyone’s mood with his laugh, and he brightens my world with his big heart.

How They Asked

A week leading up to the proposal, Robert asked if I could take off on Friday, July 19th because he wanted to plan a romantic getaway weekend for the two of us. I didn’t think much of it because at the time / due to unfortunate circumstances we were living with his parents and lacked intimate one-on-one time. The morning of the proposal felt like any other morning except for the fact that we didn’t have to go to work that morning. We got up early, ran some errands, and we’re on our way to an “unknown destination” from my knowledge. About an hour into our drive, we made a stop at the West Chester Diner, one of our go-to favorite spots when we were in college. I tried guessing where we were going once we got to the area, but Robert threw me off by saying we had another hour to go. After we paid the bill, we made a pit stop at the bank & liquor store and headed off to our final destination. Robert purposely got us lost to throw me off some more and then about 20 minutes later we drove up a long gravel driveway. To be honest, I thought he had booked something super sketchy or that we got lost again, but turns out he booked us a one-night stay at the most adorable bed and breakfast in West Chester, PA called The Inn at Whitewing Farm. The grounds were breathtaking. Since we got early check-in we spent most of the afternoon touring the grounds and laying by the pool. It was just what we both needed.

At around 4:30 pm we headed back to our room and got ready for dinner. Just as we were about to head out, I asked Robert if he wouldn’t mind finding someone to take our picture since we got all dressed up. He was quick to say “yes” which I should’ve known was a red flag, but I honestly didn’t think much of it at the time. I was more focused on finding the perfect, scenic spot to take some cute pictures. Luckily, the owner, Lance was around and he agreed to snap some shots of us in down by the pond. After about 4-5 pictures, I reached for my phone to see if the pictures were any good, but before I could do so Robert grabbed my hands, turned towards me, and got down on one knee. It wasn’t until that very moment that I finally knew what was about to happen and why he had planned this special trip for us. Robert gave a speech that I barely even remember because I was so taken back, shocked, and emotional the entire time. I legit cried/blacked out during the entire time. All I could think to myself is “OMG! Is this really happening? How did I not see this coming?

Marriage Proposal Ideas in West Chester, PA

Did he ask permission from my dad, my mom, and my brother? What is going on right now!!!!” It was a whirlwind of emotions, but from what I do remember is that he asked me to marry him and spend the rest of our lives together and I couldn’t help but shout from the rooftops “YES! YES! A MILLION TIMES YES!” It truthfully was the most magical moment of my life. After the proposal, we took a couple of seconds to soak it all in before calling all of our family and friends to spread the AMAZING NEWS! Everyone was beyond thrilled for us, especially my parents. I still think my mom cries when she thinks about it, haha. Anyways, after we made the majority of our calls we headed to Limoncello in downtown West Chester for dinner, which is actually the place where we had our very first date. At Limoncello, we sat in the same exact spot, with the same exact waiter, and ordered the same exact meal.

It was perfect. After dinner, we made a couple of additional calls and then headed to a local bar for a celebratory drink. As we walked up to the second floor of the bar, I was greeted with familiar faces! Robert had gathered all of our close West Chester friends to come and celebrate our engagement and of course I couldn’t help but cry again. It was so heartwarming knowing that our friends traveled near and far to be there on a day that meant so much to us especially since each one of them has been there from the start and has watched us grow as a couple. I was overwhelmed with tons of emotions, but overall I was blessed for the best fiance in the entire world. He went ABOVE and BEYOND to make this proposal intimate, special, and unforgettable. July 19, 2019, will forever hold a special place in our hearts. We have yet to set a date – we are thinking along the lines of October 2021, but in the meantime, we are very much just enjoying being engaged.