Angela and Raffi's Hawaiian Proposal

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Raffi and I met at a mutual friend’s birthday party in Los Angeles. We were both at the house party all evening and met so many people, but did not cross paths until the very end. He approached me and the conversation took off. We both started to talk about our community and Armenian heritage – something that we are both involved in and passionate about. He then asked me out for drinks to continue the conversation, and the rest is history.

As a fourth generation in my family’s bridal jeweler company @kirkkara, all I ever hear is people say “how will your future fiancé ever pick out a ring for the daughter of a jewelry designer?” Our engagement and my new @kirkkara ring couldn’t have been any more perfect. We were off to our annual @kirkkara trunk show in Honolulu at our amazing Hawaii partner @theweddingringshop and decided to throw in some R&R beforehand and planned a mini getaway vacation to Maui. We landed on Maui, enjoyed delicious coconut fish tacos, skipped check-in and drove straight to Wailea Beach. The beach was gorgeous, but isolated. Only a few of the locals were around. After settling in front of a lifeguard stand on the sandy and windy beach, he charmed me as usual with his sweet words and we got to talking about life. It was only an hour before that we were renting our mustang convertible, when the attendant said, “If you can prove you are in a relationship together, you are authorized to both drive the car.” Sitting on the sandy beach, Raffi said “I think I’ve got something that will prove that we’re together.” He reached into the beach bag and surprised me with an exquisite Kirk Kara ring– in the first ever signature pink Kirk Kara jewelry box we recently created! Smiling from ear to ear, I said yes! We spent the entire week celebrating Hawaiian style, and were later joined by my father and designer Kirk for the big bridal event—and many Mai Tai toasts!

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Like the captivating islands of Hawaii, there is so much timeless beauty and history in my new ring from Kirk Kara’s Pirouetta collection. The beautiful filigree design under the diamond represents the celebration of 125 years of jewelry making that runs in our family. The twists along the side reflect a connection in every way, a true celebration of two becoming one. This engagement ring encompasses everything for me– my heritage, my commitment to my family’s company Kirk Kara and a future together with my new fiancé.

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Ring by Kirk Kara