Angela and Patrick

Angela and Patrick's Engagement in Philadelphia, PA

How We Met

It was a hot July night a few year’s back and my best friend, Nicole, and I were planning a girl’s night out. I was still in college and dedicated my summers to the shore, going out and waitressing part time. We were sitting on her bedroom floor taking shots of Tequila to Shania Twain throwbacks. After a few too many shots we ubered to an outdoor bar along the Delaware River. Nicole and I immediately got a fish bowl at the bar and hit the dance floor. Nicole and I made our way to the center of the dance floor to watch a chugging contest when I noticed a tall guy with a green polo standing with his back toward me. Me being immature me decided to play a little game were I would tap on this particular guy’s shoulder and turn around to act like it wasn’t me. After a few taps, to my dismay, this guy in a green polo had failed to turn around. I gave him one more last tap and gave up on my little game. A few seconds later I felt a tap on my shoulder. I immediately turned around and there was the tall guy in the polo. But this time he was facing me and I noticed how cute he was. “Did you just tap me?” He asked. “No” I lied. He shot me a face of disbelief. “Well I kind of was hoping it was you” He said flirtatiously/drunkingly. “Fine…it was me.” I admitting as I grinned eat to eat. We had spent the rest of the night talking about our tinder profiles, school, music, family…all while taking more tequila shots and laughing nonstop. We stayed at the bar until closing and exchanged numbers. Nicole had forced me into the uber home because me and green polo guy were inseparable. I woke up the following morning very hungover and late to my workout class, and a foggy memory from the night before. I turned over in bed to check my phone when I noticed a message from a random number reading: “Hey it’s Patrick from last night :)” and I guess you can say right there and then the rest is history.

how they asked

Flash forward to now. Patrick and I live together in an apartment in the city. We both have careers and most importantly we have a fur baby named Daisy. One Monday afternoon in September my best friend, Kaylee, texted me asking if I had wanted to try the new Mexican restaurant that opened in the town next to the one we grew up in. Being an avid fan of Mexican and not seeing my friend, Kaylee, in a few weeks I agreed to margaritas and tacos. I discussed my plans with Patrick one night during dinner and Patrick discussed possibly having a guys night that same Friday. Friday quickly approached and I had to go to a conference for work in North Jersey. During the conference, Patrick had texted me that his friends had canceled for later that night. He then texted me claiming that he had tickets for an open bar at a rooftop bar for later that night. He asked if I would be interested in going after dinner with Kaylee. I agreed to go and did not think much of it. A little while later, Kaylee texted me saying she was sick with the flu and had to cancel dinner for later that night. Kaylee is known for canceling plans (LOL) annoyed, I texted her saying that I hope she feels better.

Once I got home from work Patrick had discussed how the open bar was from 9-11. We ordered take out and got ready to go out. I had on a pair of overall shorts and Patrick had told me that the bar was more upscale and to maybe change my outfit. This was out of character for Patrick but I thought he was just looking out for me. I decided to change into a black dress and put more effort into my appearance. Patrick was very adamant about being at the bar at 9 pm. I just thought maybe he really wanted to utilize the open bar times. Patrick orders the uber and we get to the 52nd floor of a building in Center City.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Philadelphia, PA

Patrick leads me to the outside part of the bar that overlooks the lit up city. We gaze at the sparkling city lights in silence. Then Patrick turns to me and asks to have my hand. Confused, I put my hand out and just at that moment Patrick got down on his one knee and asked me to marry him. I immediately cried yes and wrapped my arms around him. After gushing about the proposal and ring, Patrick had to lead me to the inside of the bar to find my best friends, my family and his family all ready to celebrate. It was hands down the best night of my life and I could not have asked for a more perfect partner in this game called life <3