Angela and Michael

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How We Met

We actually met in high school. I was sitting in Mrs. White’s geometry class and the most beautiful girl I’d ever seen walked through the doorway. She was the kind of beautiful that makes your heart sing. For me, it was definitely love at first sight. She ended up sitting right behind me in class, which terrified me! I mean she was so gorgeous…how do you even talk to a girl like that? Well she spoke to me first, and she was so sweet and down to earth. I couldn’t believe it. We became friends, but it never really went beyond that because she always had a boyfriend. Eventually we graduated and fell out of touch for a few years. Then we reconnected through social media, but only the occasional friendly chat. More years went by with only minimal contact, but I never could get her our of my mind. I knew she was the one for me, but I wasn’t sure I was the one for her. In all, 16 years went by…then out of the blue Angie asked me for advice on setting up a social media business page because she was starting a new career as a mortgage loan officer. Of course I was glad to help because I had experience setting up a page for my family’s retail business.

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We ended up spending the next 6 weeks talking nearly everyday and working on her business page together. Working with her that closely and really getting to know her only confirmed what I already knew…I was head-over-heels-once-in-a-lifetime in love with her. I knew that fate had brought us together once again, and this time I had to tell her how I felt because I’d never get this opportunity again. So I wrote her a letter and mailed it. It was the hardest most nerve racking thing I’ve ever done…to bare your soul to another person, to open yourself up without knowing if your feelings would be reciprocated. When Angie did respond it wasn’t exactly what I’d been hoping for. She said she did like me and loved talking to me and wasn’t sure she wanted to take a chance of messing that up. I told her I could respect that even though I was disappointed.

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I asked her to go to a football game with me that was about a month and half away…just as friends. She said she would think about it. In the meantime, I asked to take her to dinner. Again, she was hesitant, but I persisted. I told her half-jokingly “How are you ever going to know how great I am if you never hang out with me?”. Somehow that did the trick and she agreed. On September 26th, 2015, 16 years after we met, we went on our first date. The date ended with our first kiss just after midnight on the 27th, which unbeknownst to Angie is my birthday. It was and always will be the most magnificent birthday present I’ve ever received. Less than a month later I told Angie I was in love with her…and she told me she was too! Two months after that we were engaged.

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how they asked

Michael loves college football and the UT Vols, and on New Years Day 2016 UT was to play in a bowl game against Northwestern, so we traveled to Florida for a little vacation. On New Year’s Eve Michael set up a romantic evening for us: we were going to eat dinner at a 5 star restaurant on the beach. That afternoon I realized I didn’t have anything packed to wear for a night like that so Michael took me shopping to find the perfect dress. He said he wanted me to feel beautiful. When we were ready to go we headed to the beach early to try and catch the sunset over the water. We arrived a few hours before dinner, wearing our fancy clothes. Everyone around us at that hour was still in their beach clothes, so we seemed to stand out a little. A photographer came up to us and asked if he could take some photos of us for Travel and Leisure Magazine. He said us being dressed up like we were would make the area look classy. We were told we would get copies of the photos, so I immediately agreed, loving the idea of having professional photos of us as a couple.

After having fun with him snapping some pictures on the beach; the photographer directed us to the pier for the next set of shots. We came upon a man playing a beautiful tune on the saxophone for tips, and the photographer had me to lean over the rail and look out at the ocean just as the sun was setting. I stood alone, gazing over the water at the sunset, as he took several shots. He then asked me to turn around, and I was suddenly staring at Michael, down on one knee holding the most beautiful ring I’ve ever seen! He said “Angela Rose, I’ve loved you my whole life, and I always will. Will you be my wife?” It took me a second to realize this was really happening! As soon as it clicked I absolutely said yes without hesitation!

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Needless to say, Michael gave the saxophone player a big tip for making the proposal even more magical. We then had an amazing dinner at a wonderful restaurant followed by fireworks on the beach to end the evening!

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I found out afterwards that Michael had been in contact with the photographer for weeks and set it all up! I love that I have professional photographs of the whole proposal! The whole day truly was magical. Life with Michael is like living out a fairy tale.

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Special Thanks

Terence Duffy
 | Photographer - took photos of the proposal and helped keep it a surprise
James Allen
 | Ring