Angela and Matthew

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Mont Tremblant, Quebec, Canada

How We Met

Matt and I’s first form of contact came through an Instagram like! 3 summers ago, this guy (Matt) liked my photo and although I kind of knew of him and some of his friends, I wanted to get a closer look. Well, my lurking led me to accidentally like a photo from 72 weeks ago! Talk about embarrassment…Just when I started to panic in my group chat, Matt, ever so smooth, liked one of mine from just as long ago. The “instaflirting” started!

From then, we spoke and kept in contact, until we met at the season opener of the Montreal Canadiens game. The next night went for drinks with mutual friends, and the rest is history!

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Mont Tremblant, Quebec, Canada

how they asked

Matt and I had been planning a small weekend getaway to Mont Tremblant for months. We were going to do a spa day and relax, just the two of us. However, we had so many things going on that we (I) kept postponing the trip. I think we canceled at least 3 times! So I really had no suspicion about it being that weekend!

We had an amazing first day at the spa, and to top it off, Matt surprised me with a helicopter ride! Boy, oh, boy did I think I was getting engaged that night! I even texted my girlfriends, “I’m freaking out, I think Matt is going to propose!” A surprise helicopter ride to dinner kept me with a permanent smile. Until we got to dinner, and there was no proposal! I literally told him, “tonight would’ve been the perfect night to propose!” Which he replied, “Ya, you’re right – I messed up!” Well, he totally threw me off – just what he had planned to do!

The next morning we planned a hike of the mountain. After the surprise of the night before, there was no chance I expected anything that morning! At the top of the mountain, Matt had planned the proposal with a photographer, Allen, who was waiting at the spot they had set up. Coincidentally, when I spotted Allen, I told Matt to ask him to take a picture of us, which Matt then took as an opportunity to get down on one knee. I started crying, and got down on the ground with him! Matt had planned it so beautifully and it was the most romantic, emotional moment!

Just when I thought the day couldn’t get better, that evening when we got home, there was a surprise proposal party at my house with all our family and friends. When we pulled into my driveway, everyone was standing outside with cameras and tears! Matt even coordinated with my best friend, that lives in London, to be there for the occasion! It was the perfect day to celebrate our love with all our family and friends!

Angela and Matthew's Engagement in Mont Tremblant, Quebec, Canada

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