Angela and Matt

How We Met

Matt and I met Sophomore year of college at The Ohio State University. We were both living in the same dorm on campus. We started dating in the fall that year and have been together for over 5 years since!

how they asked

Earlier in the week, Matt asked if I wanted to go downtown and see the Christmas light display on Friday night after work. We went last year and it was such a neat display so I said sure and asked if we were taking our dog (Mila) with us as well. Of course she had to come, she’s part of the family! Friday night comes and we head downtown to see the lights. As we are walking through the park, Matt says we should go look at the lights by the stage. Mila proceeds to poop on our way to the stage. I tried to get Matt to pick it up, but he wouldn’t take his hands out of his pockets. As I’m picking it up, he steps in another dog’s poop! This all happened right before he was about to propose. We took a few more steps towards the stage and when I turned around, after him calling my name, he was down on one knee. After asking if I would marry him, my first reaction was, “Are you kidding?” He responded, “No I’m not kidding, I’m holding a ring!” Of course I finally said yes and now we have a funny proposal story to tell!

Image 1 of Angela and Matt