Angela and Mathias

How We Met

we met at a local bar one night for saint patty day. nothing really came of it, just made friends with her and her friends and went about our way. it wasn’t until i became curious and interested in religion that i reached out to her due to seeing her check in on Facebook at Calvary Chapel Chino Hills. After a couple of bible study sessions did our time spent together grow longer and longer.

how they asked

I never thought that one day I would get down on one knee and actually ask someone to spend the rest of their life with me. To be honest it was the whole “forever” part that scared me. I lacked the faith it takes to say forever and mean it.

In our 3.75 years of dating we have had some serious ups and downs, learning more about each other along the way. From accepting the package deal of Angie and her (at the time) three year old son, to living together, me starting a whole new career, losing her father/only family, to even giving me my amazing first born child.

For the first two years of dating our relationship seamed pretty normal, it wasn’t until we got the call that Angies father had fallen through a roof that things drastically changed. In the passing of her father Angie went through a rough state of depression. Her father was her only family since Angie was three years old. So, to go from only having your dad to turn to in the event of an emergency, for guidance, to help fix your car, etc, and having that all gone in one phone call was understandably extremely hard for her to deal with. Even though Angie knew that she had her six year old son Ryder and I along her side to help her with anything she needed, we knew that there wasn’t enough “sorries” or “perfect things to say” in the world to peel back some of the pain. It wasn’t until a couple months after the passing of her dad did her son Ryder and I get to see Angie smile again during an Ellen show.

Once she felt that it was “OK” to smile again Angie and I talked about getting back into the gym since we both liked working out to burn off steam. She tried a couple gyms in the area but it was until she started working out at Pandemic Crossfit in Norco CA did she really begin to come home smiling, laughing and talking about her day. Since that first day at the gym she felt right at home and felt welcomed by the gym. About a year after getting back into the gymangie and I announced that we were pregnant. Even during her pregnancy Angie still continued to work out. Then only two months after bringing baby Mavrick into the world Angie got right back into the gym, but not to just work out, she also started working at the gym.

Its been said that “some of the greatest battles are fought within the silent chambers of your soul”. And I personally think that when Angie would go work out at the gym it would help her gain the upper hand on those battles. From feeling much guilt for continuing to go about her life, to truly waiting an answer on why was it her fathers time to go, to even questioning her faith, I feel like her “extended family at the gym helped ease the pain like no words in the english speaking language could do.

So when it came down for me to ask Angie to spend the rest of her life with me I had a couple ideas on how. Slowly but surely though reasons would arise changing my mind. It wasn’t until one day that I decided that the only way I was able to ask her to marry me was due to the fact that our gym gave Angie her life back. So with that being said I saw no other way/place to asking her than in front of our extended family. The gym.

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Special Thanks

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