Angela and Luke

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How We Met

If you believe in the perfect love story then this is it. Angela and I have known each other our whole lives. I have known her and loved her for longer than I can remember. I loved her when we were about 3 years old and I would steal her blocks in the play pin. I loved her on those cool summer nights when we were about 7 years old playing tag together. I loved her when we would share a sled and go down the huge backyard hill together. I loved her at 11 on those hot summer days when we would eat popsicle and jump on the trampoline all day. I loved her when we entered high school together and she would paint my number on her cheek and cheer me on every Friday night at the football games.

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I loved her on all those summer nights we would spend at the creek having bonfires. I loved her through prom and graduation. I loved her through college and getting jobs. I loved her when we had to start long distance. I have been in love with her sense the moment I laid eyes on her in the diaper days. I am still in love with her now, and I will be in love with her forever. We have been through so much together in this life, and I can’t wait start new memories with her as my wife.

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how they asked

Angela and I met at our home church and the people there are all like family to us. And Christmas day happened to fall on a Sunday this past year. So at the church we met and grew up in, at service, on Christmas day, I asked. It made for the perfect setting. I convinced my pastor at the church to let me play the proposal video I made on the big screen and let me propose to her in front of everyone at the end of it. She is the church pre-school teacher so she is not usually in the main service with everyone so we told everyone that we were going to play a special Christmas video that everyone needed to be in the main service for to watch. So Angela brought her kids up for what she thought was just some Christmas video. But when the lights came down and the video started it was the biggest surprise of her life.

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She cried throughout the video and at the end I brought her to the front, got down on one knee, and asked her to marry me. She said yes and the whole room sounded with applause. It was a memory that we will never forget.

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