Angela and Kevin

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How We Met

On January 7th, I was to have a girls night with a couple friends in Sacramento. After a few cocktails, my friend invited a couple of guys she knew to a bar we we heading to called Dive Bar. In came this guy with a beanie and a peacoat and I was hooked. I tried to put on my charm, but he was not interested at all! I let my friend know that this guy (whatever his name was) absolutely hated me and I was ready to leave. 10 short minutes passed and she came up to me to tell me that he simply thought I was out of his league. 45 minutes later and he and I were talking about music festivals, philosophy, traveling, how he was going to take me snowboarding one day… And the rest was history.

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how they asked

I should start with a preface of how the date came up. We like to make bets and we were at the movies playing air hockey at the end of June last year. It was agreed that whoever lost had to take the other on an awesome date. Not just ordinary sushi, but something really creative. Naturally Kevin lost (which he still claims was planned till this day). So two weeks passed and Kevin got to planning this creative secret date. “We’re gonna go bungy jumping, rock climbing, cycling across the bay, camping in Yosemite, paintballing” you name it and he said it. He told me I was going to need an over night bag and that we would be grabbing a nice breakfast with his grandmother so to bring an extra set of work out clothes to change into. So July 11th rolled around and we headed off to grandmas house. We stopped for coffee and gas on the way, I paid no attention to where we were going. Completely oblivious to Kevin’s master planning skills, I asked no questions. He mentioned we were by his older private airport he use to work at and if we could stop by and say hi. I thought nothing of it as we had done this before. So into the parking lot we drive, as we park Kevin opens my door and yells SURPRISE we are going on a helicopter ride over the city!

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Completely studdend end and in utter awe, I am over run by emotions to think. We walk quickly through the entrance and straight onto the tarmack. We snap a few pictures and into the helicopter we go. Within 5 minutes we are off and heading towards the Bay Bridge. The views are spectacular. It’s one of those days in SF that you dream of. Not a cloud in the sky, and everything just looks pristine. Living in the city for almost 3 years together, this was a whole new view on our beautiful home. About an hour into the flight we fly over the Golden gate towards Marin. As we are heading back through the bridge the helicopter tells us over the microphone that he will be logging off to check in with ground control. “You may want to take some pictures I’m going to take us through the two arches of the bridge.” Out my phone comes and away I begin snapping pictures “babe, do you see this! Do you see how gorgeous this is. Wow.” Snap snap snap. Oblivious. “Hey, sweetie” two taps on my shoulders… “Ya, hunny” as I swing my head around. There was Kevin, kneeling (as much as you can on a helicopter) with a box and the most beautiful ring … The rest was history and a bit of crying blur

Image 4 of Angela and Kevin. :)