Angela and Jorge

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How We Met

Jorge and I have always been fans of Disney. So it was not a surprise that our meeting was Disney related. One day I was at Costco wearing a Disneyland T-shirt and matching Minnie Mouse bag. Jorge works at Costco in the Optical Lab and was there on his day off. When I saw him I noticed he was wearing a Goofy T-shirt. Jorge and I had locked eyes and he came up and started talking to me. Before we knew it an hour had gone by and he asked for my Instagram account. Slightly hesitant to give it to a stranger, I gave it to him anyway. I had gotten really sick a few days after that and had even missed two weeks of work.

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During that time, I got to know him very well. When I started feeling better, Jorge had asked me out on a date. I had told him I would only go as a friend because I was still a bit confused about a previous relationship and wanted to sort out my feelings. Jorge being the sweet guy that he is, still wanted to go out. I agreed, but I felt nervous about going out with him. I talked to my mom and my aunt about Jorge and all the things we had in common. They knew I was struggling with my feelings about my previous relationship. They told me to not be nervous and if I needed a sign my grandpa would send me one. My grandpa had died a few years ago.

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During one of our last conversations, he told me he knew he was not going to be there to see me get married, but I was going to know when it was going to be someone he approved of. We were extremely close and his nickname used to be Jorgito. My family told me if he was the one, his nickname was going to be Jorgito as well and to take that as my sign. Taking that to heart, I decided to go and met him. As our date went on, I knew that we were going to be much more than friends. Before I knew it we were holding hands and walking down the street. Jorge was talking about his family so I used that as an opportunity to ask if he had a nickname. He told me “My family calls me Jorgito.” That’s when I knew my grandpa had sent him to me. At the end of the night, he walked me to my car and gave me a kiss. When I got home I asked my ex to never talk to me again and told my mom and aunt that Grandpa had sent me The One.

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How They Asked

On our fifth date, Jorge and I went to the Rose Garden in Balboa Park (San Diego, CA). This was the first time we had the same day off and decided to spend a full day together. Originally we were going to go to a museum but decided to walk around first. Jorge knowing how much I love roses led our walk to the Rose Garden. We sat down on a bench to talk and before we knew it, all the museums and restaurants were closed. As the night continued, we ventured out to grab beers and tacos at our now favorite brewery, Border X. We closed down the bar and I was in shock. I thought how can we talk so much and yet I still have so much to say? (Our date lasted 14 hours!) . When I got home, Jorge texted me to make sure I got home safe and we kept talking until the sun came out. That is when I knew I wanted to spend all my days talking to this wonderful guy.

Jorge and I have always resonated with the Disney Movie Up. I am the out-going, adventure-driven, loving woman like Ellie and Jorge is the sweet, cautious, adoring man like Carl. During Christmas time Jorge gave me a promise ring with Up themed presents. We had begun planning for our wedding even though we were not engaged because we knew that is where our relationship was heading. Because of COVID-19, Jorge was not able to purpose when he had originally planned. When he discovered the Rose Garden was going to open, he jumped at the opportunity to put his plan into action. Jorge met up with his previous supervisor Noel, who is also a photographer, to help him with his plans. Jorge made a scrapbook of our relationship with an album from the movie Up that says “Our Adventure Book.” He gave the book to Noel with a plan on how to give it to me.

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Knowing that Balboa Park was now open, Jorge and I made plans to go. Jorge told me that Noel was around the same area shooting pictures and asked me if we could help him practice. I agreed and we met him in the Rose Garden. We took pictures all around and even got to take a picture in the spot we took our first picture together. When we got to the end, Noel asked if he could give us a prop for him to take a picture of us for one of his projects.

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Halfway through the picture, I realized it was a photo album from the movie Up and knew it was no coincidence that he was there to take our photo. After we took the picture, Jorge told me to open it and I found different pictures from all of our adventures together. As tears started going down my face, I flipped to the very last page and there was a picture from the day Jorge asked me to be his girlfriend. Jorge had come that day to my house with roses.

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When I saw the picture in the album, I noticed there was a note next to it. The note said, “Will you be my greatest adventure?” I looked up to find Jorge down on one knee with a box. However, this was not an ordinary box. Jorge had a beautifully designed red rose inside the box holding my engagement ring. As the tears continued to roll down my face, Jorge looked at me with the biggest smile and said, “The day we came to the rose garden, I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?” I jumped up from joy to say YES!

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