Angela and John

Image 1 of Angela and John

How We Met

We met when my fiance was stationed in Germany 2013 and I was there for holiday, He’s in the US Army and I’m from Indonesia. That day he’s taking his day off and we met at the park when he asked me to borrow lighter 😆

Short story we manage to have a super Long Distance Relationship between the USA and Indonesia 10.000++ miles

How They Asked

2 days before he left Indonesia to go back to the USA, he reserved a romantic dinner for us, and without me knowing, he already prepares a ring from the USA and kneels down on his knee to ask me to marry him.

Image 2 of Angela and John

1 day before he proposes,he made a tattoo the same as mine in the same place written “Angela” in Thai script – respect culture because of my mother from Thailand.